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Population : 300h Elevation : 1550m
Hautes Alpes Department

Depuis Mont-Dauphin via the D902 to Château-Queyras, then take the D947.

In the days when there were no roads, Abriès was nevertheless a trading centre with nearby Italy, although the goods were carried on the backs of mules.

On feast days, people from the Queyras area brought their livestock, cheese and wool to Abriès, while the Piedmontese brought rice, pasta, fruit and vegetables.

Abriès is situated in the Queyras regional park, very close to Italy.

Today it is a large village full of life, much-loved by mountaineers because it is conveniently located at the foot of very high peaks such as Bric Froid (3302 m) and Bric Bouchet (3216 m).

But Abriès also boasts a fine heritage; in particular a superb church with a belltower dating back to 1620.

Although the archway with its columns was carried away long ago by the Guil in spate in 1733, there remain two astonishing stylized stone lions, which are no doubt the work of the same artist who made the lions at Guillestre, les Orres and Saint-Véran.

Worth visiting :

The church and its two lions
The old market hall (1609)
Numerous written stones
the oldest of which dates back to 1546
(end of the reign of François I).

Leisure activities:
downhill skiing (5 ski lifts, 15 runs)
Cross-country skiing (45 km of runs). Ice rink Summer:
mountain hiking (GR 58 footpath)
Mountain-biking. Carnival (in February). Transborder moutain race
(every two years in September) Music Festival
(late July). Traditional feast days.

Accommodation and eating out :

1 Campsite. Holiday centre Bed & Breakfast. Hotels. Furnished accommodation. Hiking gîtes.

Neighbouring villages not to be missed :

Aiguilles (5km) Château-Queyras (12km)

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