Luberon Regional Nature Park


Bonelli Eagle
The bird of prey most caracteristic of
the South of France has now nearly disappeared
(Spread: 1,50 to 1,70 m).

Circaete Jean Le Blanc
A beautiful migratory eagle with sharp yellow eyes,living on reptiles
(Spread: 1,60 to 1,80 m).

The king of the Night, in provençal
the "Dugo" or "Dugas" is shy and wild
(Spread: 1,55 to 1,80 m).

Percnoptere Vulture
Also called "Egypt Vulture ", or in provençal "Capoun Fé", "Père Blanc" or "Marie Blanque", it is disappearing too.

The largest rodent animal in Europe.
It builds dams on the Durance and the Calavon rivers.

Wid Boar
A symbol for the wildness of the Luberon.
It has always reigned supreme
over the massif and is very prized by hunters

Luberon Regional Nature Park
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