Luberon Regional Nature Park


The Luberon massif, with the variety of natural features which typify it, has a great originality and richness, as much in the variety and quality of its natural attractions as in its ecology and plant and animal life.

Crest of the Luberon

Theses "grassy" expanses mown by herds of sheep are a natural firebreak between the two slopes of the mountain and offer a nature reserve for some animals and plants.

Vale of the Aiguebrun
A site of an exceptional variety at the heart of the massif thanks to the only permanent river. Very rich plant life, chaotic rocks, caves, imposing cliffs. The Fortress of Buoux overlooks the vale which has become famous among climbers the world over.

Etruscan Honeysuckle
lonicera etrusca
The most beautiful and fragrant wild honeysuckle grows above 400 to 500m of altitude.

Downy Rockroses
cistus albidus
They owe their name to their downy leaves. The beautiful pink-purple flowers are blooming in May-June

Aspic Lavender
It grows under 500m of altitude and its essential oil is used in perfumery and pharmacy.

Leuzea Conifera
A thistlelike plant with a large and very decorative membranous fower head shaped in form of a resinus cone.

La Faune du Luberon
Luberon Regional Nature Park
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