Local Produce

The choice of local products is vast and its quality high. They are the expression of ancestral wisdom and the cultural traditions of the region.

Goat Cheese
It is made on the farms, in small quantities, directly after milking, using a manufacturing process which preserves all its natural qualities.

The "rabasso" is a jewel of gastronomy, famous in the whole wolrld for its wonderful taste. It grows underground in symbiosis with certain trees, usually oaks. The black truffle of the Luberon is the most fragrant.

The natural flora of the massif and the plants which are traditionally grown there are very favourable for bees. The best honey is the light yellow with its fine fragrance and delicious taste.

Crystallised Fruits
Also a very old product of the region, mainly for export. Apt is now the world capital for crystallised fruits.

The A.O.C. wines ;e "Côtes du Luberon" (red, rosé, white) are from grape varieties typical of the Mediterranean which thrive best on dry and sunny slopes. The red wine, fine and fruites, is drunken at room temperature (18C), but also cool in summer (12C) with meat or cheese. Rosé is served chilled (7 to 8C) with "entrées" and "charcuterie". The dry, light white wine is wonderful with fish and shell-fish.

Following a tradition over 200 years old, many craftsmen and a few businesses now offer a wide range of products : tiles, earthenware, pottery, enameled ware.

Marchés paysans
(Farmer's Markets)

The Luberon farmers invite you to their contry markets where they offer their finest produce at the best prices.

Apt - Cadenet - Coustellet - St Martin de la Brasque - Pertuis.

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