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Canyoning : the descent
An explanation for beginners :
Canyoning involves abseiling down canyons and waterfalls, with climbing equipment.

Care must be taken as it is a demanding sport which requires several qualities:

  • A good level of physical fitness;
  • Vigilance and attention must be paid to instructions concerning security and protection of the site;
  • Participants need to enjoy adventure. It takes courage to climb down into the canyons, attached to ropes down a slippery rock-face with a torrent of icy water flowing below !

Photo : Rock and Wall Magazine

Photo : Roger Verdegen
Some advice before you set off :
To prevent your experience from turning into a nightmare, ensure that you are accompanied by a professional.
  • A certain amount of specialised equipment is needed (neoprene wetsuit, abseiling ropes, karabiners...etc).
  • Check your technical knowledge on the lay-out of the canyon, the route to and from the site (maps, topographical-guides...).
  • Find out about the water level, (tel : +33 492 83 62 68 and listen to local advice). Check the weather forecast (tel : 08 36 68 02 04.)

Lac de Saint Croix

The sport is permitted from May 1 to November. 30
The sport is permitted all year-round in dry canyons.


  • If you are a beginner, do not go alone. Take advice from a professional who will choose a canyon according to your level.
  • Some canyons are not open to the public in the Rougon district, La Palud sur Verdon and Senez.
  • Find out more about the sport from the experts or from the "Comission Canyon de la Fédération Française de Spéléologie". Tel : 05 61 95 54 28
  • Some canyons have special facilities to ensure the maximum security to the "canyoners" and to protect the environment :
Canyon d'Angouire :
Only the section upstream from the "domaine d'Angouire", no more than 5 groups of 10 people a day.
Canyon Notre -Dame :
No more than 5 groups of 10 people a day.
Canyon du Riou :
Only the section downstream from the "Pré de La Chichié", No more than 5 groups of 10 people a day.
Canyon de Venascle :
No more than 5 groups of 10 people a day.
Ravin de Balène :
Open from 10 am until 6 pm.
La Palud/Verdon
Canyon du Baou :
Canyoning only permitted between the two bridges (Le Ponsonnet and the D952). No more than 5 groups of 10 people a day.
Canyon du Jabron :
Canyoning only permitted upstream from "la source de La Clue".
Canyon Saint-Jean :
Existing access authorised in order to preserve the vegetation. Open from 10 am to 6 pm.
Ravin de La Clue :
Open from 10 am to 6 pm.

8 place de l'église
04120 Castellane
04120 La Palud Sur Verdon
Verdon Escalade
04120 La Palud Sur Verdon
Bureau des Guides de Canyon
3 Rue du Mazeau
04 120 Castellane

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