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Olives and olive trees in Provence

Olives de Provence How to choose an olive oil ?

Check the label to make sure it has been made from local olives. Then choose an extra virgin oil, extracted after the first cold pressing.

The quality of an oil depends primarily on its level of acidity; the lower the better. Best of all is <1%, between 2 and 3% of acidity is still good but of a more ordinary quality.

IOlive oil has several different appellations:

Olive tree
Extra virgin olive oil,
Fine virgin olive oil,
Standard virgin olive oil,
Refined olive oil,
Refined olive husk oil.

Olive millChoosing an olive oil is similar to choosing a wine; it must be tasted first. (There are professional olive oil tasters) : Some oils go better with fish, salads or cheese. Each valley offers an oil with a different degree of fruitiness, astringency and lingering finish or aftertaste.

ICertain oils can have a "green fruitiness" reminiscent of the fragrance of fruit, (blackcurrant, tomato, apple). They are relatively mild and perfect for cooking because they have good heat stability.
Other oils have a "black fruitiness", (fragrance of underwoood, mushrooms and truffles). These oils go best with salads and cold dishes.

Oils from the Alpes de Haute Provence region have the reputation for being strong, with a a bold green colouring.
Oil from Nice is very mild with a delicate fruitiness and pale green robe or colour.

Olives and olive trees in Provence
Olives and olive trees in Provence
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