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Olives and olive trees in Provence

Olives of  Provence The olive

There are two possible uses after harvesting: the table or oil Between 5 and 8 kg of olives are required to obtain 1 litre of oil (depending on the mills) .

The bitter taste of the olive (be it green or black) makes it inedible immediately after picking . There are several ways of preparing olives. Green olives are soaked and rinsed in fresh water several days in succession, and are then prepared in brine. Olive oil bottle

They can be flavoured in various ways, with lemon, thyme, garlic and parsley, etc. There is no shortage of flavours in Provence. At Les Baux de Provence olives are harvested from September onwards (therefore green), crushed and flavoured with fennel. They are a renowned new season's speciality enjoyed right up to Christmasl.

Green olives
To prepare black olives,they must first be pricked with thin needles to let the juice out and then buried in salt. They are also known as table olives (for cocktails or cooking) or confectionery olives, and those who prepare them in large quantities: are confectioners.

The various qualities of olives:

In Provence there are many different types of olives. Each area has its favourite type and one or more varieties, to the great delight of connoisseurs and gourmets. Certain valleys have their own AOC label.

  • Alpes de Haute Provence and Vaucluse
    Aglandau - Bouteillan - Verdale - (perfect for oil, medium-sized green).

  • Alpes Maritimes
    Caillette ou Cailletier (for the table, small, black or brown and flavoured).

  • Bouches du Rhône
    Picholine- Aglandau - Grossane (black and tender) - Salonenque (green or crushed olive).

  • Var
    Aglandau - Bouteillan - Cayet Roux - Cayon - Brun - Ribier (for oil), Picholine - Lucque - Belgentiéroise - Cailletier (for the table).

Olives and olive trees in Provence
Olives and olive trees in Provence
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Oive trees in Provence
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