The Vaucluse Departement - Population : 9,797 inh.

puce On the D941 which links the N7 (Paris/Marseille) to Nyons (Drome).

Valreas, medieval gate

Valreas is the capital of the "Enclave des papes" (enclave of the popes). This commune is found in the departement of the Drôme while at the same time belonging to the departement of the Vaucluse.

Situated on the left bank of the Coronne river, Valreas is an important agricultural and tourist centre.

Valreas, roundabout

Classified as a "station verte de vacances", the village is surrounded by renown vineyards and visitors are invited to discover its rich history.

Valreas is dominated by the 12th century Chateau Ripert tower and by the imposing 12th century Roman church ND de Nazareth.

Valreas, castle

You can visit the chateau de Simiane, today transformed into the town hall.

A number of prestigious art exhibitions are held in this magnificent building (17th and 18th century). The chateau also houses a superb collection of rare books, including some works dating back to when printing was first invented, before 1500.

Valreas, street
Those who are interested in printing and publishing may also like to visit the "musee du cartonnage et de l'imprimerie" and the printing press. The museum retraces the three stages in the printing technique and explains the manufacturing process of cardboard boxes, beginning in the 19th century.

It must be said that today Valreas is the leader of the cardboard industry in France... they know what they are talking about!

Valreas, sundial
Valreas has a number of beautiful old houses. Built in the 17th and 18th century, they are found in the Grand'rue, la rue de l'Horloge and the rue de l'Hotel de Ville.

While walking around the streets of Valreas, it is worth making a detour to the chapel des Penitents Blancs where you can admire the ceiling inlayed with colourful rosettes...

Valreas, terrace
If you do not like crowds, avoid Valreas from June 23-25... while on the contrary, if you like festivals, music and dancing, come to the "fete du petit St Jean" where more than 350 people in traditional dress parade through the streets.

At the beginning of August you can also take part in the famous "corso de lavandes" and of course at Christmas, you can see the huge Provencale creche at the church ND de Nazareth.


puce What to see:

12th century Château Ripert tower. Church ND de Nazareth.
12th and 13th century Château de Simiane.
Chapel des Penitents Blancs et Noirs.
Tours des Cordeliers, tour du Tivoli.
Printing and cardboard factory.
Musee de l'imprimerie et du cartonnage.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking, horse-riding and mountain biking (guided routes GR 9, Bornes papales).
Outdoor swimming pool. Tennis Archery.
Fishing, petanque.
Cultural events.


Bed and breakfast

- Vaison la Romaine : 25 km
70 € - 95 €
Mas du Sillot
- Vaison la Romaine : 25 km
Bed & breakfast - 17 guest rooms in a large provencal house
Swimming pool - Incentives - Groups & individuals (up to 57 pers)
Swimming poolRestaurant or mealsWiFi or Internet accessAccess for disabledParking or garagePets accepted under conditionsOpen all year round
Locate on the map of Valréas
70 € - 95 €


Holiday rentals

- - Vaison la Romaine : 25 km
30 € - 40 €
- Vaison la Romaine : 25 km
Spacious provencal house 750m² - 17 guest rooms & 21 bathrooms
Pool - 2 reception rooms - Groups (up to 57 pers) and individuals.
Swimming poolRestaurantWifi or Internet accessAccess for disabledParking or garagePets accepted under conditionsOpen all year round
Locate on the map of  Valréas
30 € - 40 €



puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Grillon (6 km), Richerenches (7 km) and Visan (9 km).