Diary - December 2018

Monaco Jazz Festivalpuce Monte Carlo Jazz Festival
A brillant programm with Marcus Miller, Grégory Porter, Robin McKelle, Youn Sun Nah, Bobby Mc Ferrin, John McLaughlin, Benjamin Biolay, Hugh Coltman, Sanseverino, among other...
November 13th - December 2nd

Cannes meetingspuce Les Rencontres de Cannes
A subject illustrated on four disciplines: the Rencontres Littéraires, the Rencontres Débats, the Rencontres Cinéma and the Rencontres Artistiques. This year's theme "TOMORROW, THE HUMAN, Where do we want to go?" is the thread of these meetings.
November 16th - Dec 2nd
Antibes Chocolate Fairpuce Chocolate & sugar fair in Antibes
Lets's forget diet, this is a day for chocolate, desserts, pastries, cakes and other delicacies sublime.
December 1st - 2nd
Nice Manca Festivalpuce Manca Festival in Nice
International Contemporary Music Festival This Festival includes a broad repertoire of works, from recitals to orchestral concerts, with or without electronic with the players in contemporary music!
December 2nd - 9th
Truffle marketspuce All set for the truffle seasons
The markets are open from November to March (mornings) :
Richerenches : Saturday starting Nov17
Carpentras : Friday starting Nov 16
Aups :Thursday starting Nov 29
Marché truffes et gastronomie à Rognespuce Truffles and gastronomy Market in Rognes
Truffles, foie gras, but also farm poultry, milk-fed veal, honey, sheep cheese and good products ... Entertainment provided by the pig Pépete the for demonstrations search of truffles.
December 23th
Christmas in Aix en Provencepuce Christmas in Aix en Provence
Santa Claus chalet and his elfes, parade light show, mime, unicycle, children make up, stories, music, street show, pine forest, merry-go-rounds ...
The programm
November 17th - January 13th
Hivernales in La Gardepuce Les Hivernales in La Garde
The city center is transformed into a vast universe dedicated to Christmas and children : workshops, lanterns parade, meeting with Father Christmas, rides, Christmas market ... It's Christmas before Christmas.
The programm
November 23th - December 30th
Christmas in  Aubagnepuce Christmas in Aubagne
In the purest Provençal traditions, santons fairs, Christmas markets, vigil with christmas dinner, big parade for children, workshops and entertainment, ice rink and the house of Santa Claus.
December 1st - January 5th
Christmas in  Sanarypuce Christmas in Sanary
It's party, fairy lights everywhere, toys fair, creative workshops, magic show, musical comedy, Christmas stories, treasure hunts, children's ball and Dec 23 : arrival of Santa Claus, illuminated boat parade and fireworks.
December 1st - January 6th
Christmas in  Saint Tropezpuce Christmas in Saint Tropez
Christmas celebrations start with the illuminations, the opening of the rink, gourmet chalets, musical tale, concert, christsmas eve vigil...and the arrival of Santa Claus.
December 7th - January 6th
Christmas in Mentonpuce Christmas in Menton
The whole city will be plunged into the colors of christmas. A magical atmosphere then settled in the streets, which are adorned with fountains of light or luminous spheres, giant flowers, Christmas market ...etc magic and fairyhood with open sky.
December 7th - January 6th
Saint Raphael lightshow Festivalpuce Festival of light in St Raphaël
Festival of light in the whole town, numerous shows and enchanting events. Open air ice-rink (500m2), parades light shows ... the festival is imposing and it is offered.
The programm
December 8th - January 6th
Christmas in Mouginspuce Christmas in Mougins
The village is transformed into a vast universe dedicated to children, toboggan run, merry-go-rounds, cooking and creative workshops, caleche, ponies, Santa Claus, Christmas market ... It's Christmas before Christmas.
December 6th - 30th
nsolite Christmas in Carpentraspuce Insolite Christmas in Carpentras
Nearly 250 dazzling and phantasmagoric shows are programmed with pyrotechnic parades, street theater, spectacular strolls and also rink, monumental crib ... and everything is free.
The programm
December 15th - January 6th
Funny Christmas in Arlespuce Funny Christmas in Arles
Light show, circus, puppet show, acrobatics, songs, entertainment, games, fireworks. Professional companies will offer more than 50 shows for children and all the family... it's funny, beautiful and magical. (shows & parking free)
December 21th - 24th
Clownpuce Christmas Village :
Toulon : 21 Nov - 31 Dec
St Maxime : 15 Dec - 6 Jan
Cannes : 1 Dec - 6 Jan
Martigues : 8 - 24 Dec
La Ciotat : 12 Dec - 6 Jan
Monaco : 6 Dec - 6 Jan
Christmas Dippuce BBrrrr...Christmas Dip
02 Dec : Cagnes (Ecole de Voile)
16 Dec : La Seyne (Les Sablettes)
31 Dec : Ste Maxime (Plage centre)
01 Jan : Toulon (Anse des Pins)
05 Jan: Monaco (Plage du Larvotto)
Aubagne Santons & ceramics marketpuce Santons & ceramics market in Aubagne
Traditional, naive, modern santons await you in this traditional market and give kick off Christmas celebrations.
November 17th - December 30th
Cribs Trail in Lucerampuce Cribs Trail in Luceram
Nearly 450 traditional cribs made by the inhabitants of Lucéram are exposed on a circuit arrow through the village. From the smallest in half a walnut, to the biggest of 10 m long, difficult to choose the most beautiful.
December 8th - January 6th
Santonpuce Santons Fairs
Sollies Pont : 16 Nov - 9 Dec
Ollioules : 18 Nov-27 Dec
Toulon : 22 Nov-31 Dec
Carqueiranne : 24 Nov - 16 Dec
Sollies Ville : 24 Nov - 23 Dec
La Valette : 30 Nov - 22 Dec
Valbonne : 23 Nov-24 Dec
Santonpuce Santons Fairs
Mouans Sartoux : 9 Nov - 24 Dec
Aubagne : 17 Nov - 31 Dec
Marseille : 17 Nov - 31 Dec
Arles : 17 Nov - 13 Janv
Aix en Provence : 23 Nov - 4 Jan
La Ciotat : 1 Dec - 16 Dec
Salon de Provence : 6-23 Dec
Living crib at Aubagnepuce Living crib at Aubagne
with the Dansaire de Garlaban : Almost 60 characters liven up the town, forming a dancing and singing crib. A real show that brings to life scenes from the "pastorale"
December 8th
Orsini Crib in Allauchpuce Orsini Crib in Allauch
800 animated santons in an area of 130 m2 combine modernity and tradition to display the history and costumes of Provence (Galerie du Vieux-Bassin)
November 17th - December 27th
Christmas cribspuce Christmas cribs
Le Paradou : 17 Nov - 13 Jan
Sollies Ville : 24 Nov - 6 Jan
Toulon : 21 Nov - 31 Dec
Sanary : 6 Dec - 5 Jan
La Ciotat : 1 - 16 Dec
Luceram : 8 Dec - 6 Jan
Baudinard : 1 Dec - 6 Jan
Gros Souperpuce The Gros Souper
An opportunity to discover the famous traditional meal served on Christmas Eve in Provence since the Middle Ages
Les Arcs : 8 Dec
Bedarrides : 22 Dec
Allauch : 22 Dec
Correns : 15 Dec
Aubagne : 9 Dec
Christmas Marketspuce Christmas Markets
Marseille : 17 Nov - 6 Jan
Aix en Provence : 21 Nov-31 Dec
Salon de Provence : 24 Nov - 24 Dec
Cassis : 30 Nov - 9 Dec
Eyguière : 8-9 Dec
Digne : 14-24 Dec
Sisteron : 14-16 Dec
Christmas Market in La Ciotatpuce Christmas Markets
Toulon : 21 Nov -31 Dec
Hyères : 1 - 31 Dec
La Valette : 7 - 31 Dec
La Ciotat : 12-16 Dec
Gémenos : 16 Dec
Cagnes : 15 -24 Dec
Gordes : 15-16 Dec
13 desserts and gros souperpuce The Markets for the Gros Souper & 13 desserts
All the products needed for the Gros Souper (traditional Provencal supper for the Christmas vigil) and the 13 desserts...
St Rémy : 14-16 Dec
Aix : 15-24 Dec (Allées Provençales)
bellpuce Christmas Eve vigil
Tales and traditions of Christmas, the 13 desserts, dancing & music Provencal
Gordes : 7 Dec
Saignon : 8 Dec
Aix en Provence : 15 Dec
La Ciotat : 21 Dec
Allauch : 15 Dec
Bravade calendale in Aix en Provencepuce Bravade calendale in Aix
The Bravade celebrates the gift of Christmas pump (cake with olive oil) to the city authoritie. It is a great RV, with lots of shots blunderbusses, place de l'Hotel de Ville and Cours Mirabeau, a proliferation of actors in traditional Provencal, dancers, hawkers, flag throwers and musicians.
December 16th

Pastoralepuce Pastorale
Theatre performances in Provençal, with songs, telling the story of the Nativity
St Rémy de Provence : 22 Dec
St Tropez : 23 Dec
Martigues : 7 et 21 Jan
Eyguieres : 21 Jan
Aix en Provence : 13 Jan
Allauch : 19, 20, 26 & 27 Jan

Midnight mass & Pastragepuce Midnight mass & Pastrage at Allauch
starting at 10 pm, the shepherds and sheep come down from the hill (offering the fruit of the earth and a new-born lamb) followed by the Mass in Provençal shown on a giant screen on the square in front of the church. Mass with pastrage also in St Rémy, Barbentane and Fontvieille
December 24th
Provencal vigil & Pastrage ceremonypuce Provencal vigil & Pastrage ceremony
Christmas Vespers, gros souper, Christmas Eve festivities, Mass in French and songs in Provençal, procession and offering of pastrage with the shepherds in Saint Michel de Frigolet in Tarascon and live nativity scene in Baux de Provence (11.30pm)
December 24th

New Year's Eve in Saint Raphaelpuce New Year's Eve in Saint Raphaël
From 3pm shows and parades of the most beautiful street theater groups. At 5pm Children's party with big parade of giant dolls and puppets, ball rock for kids, 7.30pm fireworks
December 31th
New Year's Evepuce New Year's Eve in :
St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco : Fireworks at 12 strokes of midnight from the port
Isola 2000 et Auron : Torchlight parade, fireworks, wine and hot chocolate offered. Eve in most towns and villages, but you must make a reservation to take part.


Bonnard in Black and colors exhibition in Le Cannetpuce Bonnard in Black and colors at Le Cannet
Often described as the painter of color and light, Bonnard spent much of his life recreating it in his paintings. 60 works to discover of which many unpublished.
November 24th - June 9th, 2019
Fil du temps exhibition in Marseillepuce Fil du temps, connexion textile in Marseille
The exhibition is dedicated to the work of the craftsmen embroiderers, dressmakers, weavers of yarns and fabrics with the thread running time and the life that passes and hangs by a thread.
December 14th- February 16th, 2019
Exhibition "Topographies" by Berenice Abbott in Nicepuce "Topographies" by Berenice Abbott in Nice
With nearly a hundred works by this major photographer trained by Man Ray in the 1920s, a great portraitist and fervent activist of documentary photography, she brilliantly captures the architectural changes.
October 19th - January 27th, 2019
Picasso and the Spanish masters  Exhibitionaux at les Baux de Provencepuce Picasso and the Spanish masters at Les Baux de Provence
The monumental Carrieres de Lumieres host extraordinary multimedia shows which are unique : spectators are totally immersed in the image projected onto all the surfaces of the rock
March 2nd - January 6th, 2019
20 years Retrospective in Marseillepuce 20 years Retrospective in Marseille
To celebrate the 20 years of the museum, the most emblematic works of the 65 exhibitions from 1998 to 2018 on Provence, the south and the Mediterranean.
June 9th - February 17th, 2019
Chagall,  from black and white to color in Aix en Provencepuce Chagall, from black and white to color in Aix
More than 100 works by Chagall testify to his artistic exploration of black and white towards particularly bright, intense and deep colors.
November 1st - March 24th, 2019
Cross the light at Granet Muséum in  Aix en Provencepuce Cross the light at Granet Muséum in Aix
The exhibition brings together works by French non-figurative artists including Roger Bissière, Jean Bazaine, Elvire Jan, Jean Le Moal, Alfred Manessier and Gustave Singier.
November 9th - 31 March 31th, 2019
Gallery of the Mediterranean in Mucem of Marseillepuce Gallery of the Mediterranean in Mucem at Marseille
Everyday objects mixed in with works of art, bearing witness to the practices and beliefs of the past and the present, from the Neolithic period to the contemporary works covering a 1,500 m² floor area.
Permanent exhibition
triangle www.mucem.org

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