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About us

Provence Web has been promoting tourism in Provence since 1996

Founded in 1996, before Google even existed, Provence Web is the leading tourism website for Provence, with over a million visitors a year.

Our founders, Jean-François and Nathalie Leroi, travelled the length and breadth of Provence to compile a guide to every town and village in the region! Year after year, the site has gained new visitors and become a reference on the web on all subjects related to tourism in Provence.

Olivier Pequin, the new head of Provence Web, is a true lover of Provence and is continuing the work of the Leroi family with a team of local writers, all based in Provence.

They're talking about us

Sites such as Wikipedia, Le Monde, La Provence, France TV, The Guardian, USA Today and many others link to Provence Web and recommend our content.

The newspaper La Provence did us the honour of devoting an article to us recently:

"Since 1996, Provence Web has been bringing Provencal tourism to life on the Internet".

Join us

If you would like to work with Provence Web, become an advertiser, a local writer or anything else, please contact us.

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