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Skiing in Provence in the Southern Alps

Ski in Provence in the Southern Alps

You want to plan a skiing holiday in Provence. Discover all the ski resorts in Haute Provence, Mercantour and Alpes d'Azur.

The Southern Alps offer a vast ski area with good weather and sunshine.

Whatever your level, in one of the big ski resorts or a small family resort, you can ski from Christmas to Easter less than 2 hours from the sea.

List of ski resorts in the Southern Alps

Auron/ St Etienne de Tinée. Altitude: 1,600 m / 2,400 m
Downhill skiing: 130 km of runs
54 pistes
8 off-piste itineraries
25 ski lifts (including 3 cable cars and 8 chair lifts)
Cross-country skiing: 3 km of runs
1 beginners' trail.
Other activities: snow scooters, paragliding, quad bikes, sleigh rides, ice rink, ski touring. Accommodation : Auron/St Etienne de Tinée (7 km from the resort)

Isola 2000: altitude: 1,600m/ 2,610m
Downhill skiing: 120 km of pistes
46 pistes
25 lifts (including 1 gondola and 3 chairlifts)
Cross-country skiing: 5 km of runs
2 runs.
Other activities: snow scooter, snowpark for snowboarders, hang-gliding, ice rink, tonic skiing, ice diving. Accommodation: Isola 2000/Isola village (15 km from the resort)

Valberg/Beuil: altitude: 1,430m/ 2,100m
Downhill skiing: 90 km of pistes
58 pistes
27 ski lifts (including 6 chair lifts)
Cross-country skiing: 525 km of runs
7 runs
6 Nordic walking routes at Beuil Les Launes
Other activities: Snowshoeing, km throwing school at the KL stadium in Dreccia, Olympic ski jump, ski orienteering.
Accommodation Valberg/Beuil

Entraunes/Estenc: altitude: 1,260m/ 1,800m
Downhill skiing: 1 piste, 1 ski lift
Cross-country skiing: 8 km of runs
Other activities: Snowshoeing, ski touring, ice climbing.
Accommodation : Entraunes

Gréolières les Neiges: altitude: 1,400m/ 1,800m
Downhill skiing: 30 km of runs
28 runs
11 ski lifts including 1 chairlift
Cross-country skiing: 30 km of runs
6 trails (all trails are designed for alternating and skating)
Accommodation: Gréolières les Neiges/Gréolières Village (15 km from the resort)

La Colmiane Valdeblore: altitude: 1,400m/ 1,800m
Downhill skiing: 30 km of runs
21 pistes
6 ski lifts including 1 chairlift
Cross-country skiing: 15 km of runs
Other activities: Mogul skiing, ski touring, dog sledding
Accommodation : La Colmiane Valdeblore

Andon - L'Audibergue - La Moulière: alt. 1,400m/ 1,640m
Downhill skiing: 22 runs
8 ski lifts including 1 chairlift
Cross-country skiing: 3 km of runs
Accommodation : Andon

Roubion - Les Buisses: altitude: 1,400m/ 1,640m
Downhill skiing: 19 runs
30 km of pistes
7 ski lifts including 1 chairlift
Cross-country skiing: 20 km of runs
3 runs
Accommodation: Roubion

Saint Martin d'Entraunes: altitude: 1,600m/ 2,035m
(open only at weekends and during school holidays)
Downhill skiing: 10 runs
10 km of pistes
3 ski lifts
Cross-country skiing: 10 km of runs
3 runs
Other activities: Ski touring, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing
Accommodation : Saint Martin d'Entraunes

Saint Martin-Vésubie - Le Boreon: altitude: 1,600m/ 2,035m
Downhill skiing: 25 km of pistes
Cross-country skiing: 5 runs
Other activities: Alpine walks, Nordic routes, snowshoeing, photo safari
AccommodationSt Martin Vésubie

Saint Auban - La Graou: altitude: 1,100m
Downhill skiing25 km of runs
Cross-country skiing : 2 runs
Other activities AccommodationSaint Auban

Tende - Val Casterino: altitude: 1,550m
Downhill skiing30 km of runs
Cross-country skiing4 runs
Other activities AccommodationTende

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