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Between Gap (19 km) and Embrun (22 km) on the N94 road.

Discover the lovely village of Chorges in the Hautes Alpes


From far away, Chorges looks like a large village standing against a backdrop of high mountains, grouped around a beautiful Romanesque belltower.
As you get closer, you will learn that that Saint Victor church dates back to the 12th century, and that the mountains close by, Aiguilles de Chabrières and Mont Colombis, have summits at 2,500 metres.

Chorges Hautes Alpes

In ancient times, Chorges was a waystation on the Briançon-Arles Roman road, and the capital of the Caturiges. A stele has survived from this period, bearing the inscription "Nero, prince of youth".
In the Middle Ages, Chorges was protected by defensive walls and round towers. Only a few remnants of these fortifications are left today.

Nevertheless, a stroll through the cobbled streets of Chorges will still take you back in time. You'll be able to admire a round fountain spurting water out of the mouths of beasts as imaginary as they are ancient (the fountain was built in 1548), a 16th century door, and of course Chorges' main historical monument, Saint Victor church with its shingle roof.

It is still magnificent despite its venerable age - 12th century for the original strucure - and was built over several centuries. Specialists will recognise a 13th century door, a 15th century "flamboyant" window, a 14th century twin storey belltower and a Renaissance altar.

In addition to this impressive architectural heritage, Chorges is also well situated, right next to Serre Ponçon lake and on the edge of the Ecrins National Park. If you like nautical sports or serious mountaineering, Nature with a capital N is waiting for you at Chorges !

What to see

Saint Victor de Marseille 12th century listed church.
In the church is a stele dedicated to Nero.
16th century fountain. Remains of the 14th century defensive walls.
Louis XIII gate originally from the Champoléon chateau.
Muséoscope du Lac (15 km):the story of the largest dam in Europe Serre-Poncon dam, 1959.
Chapels in the hamlets of Les Bernards, Le Villard, Chanteloube, Les Olliviers, Le Fein.

Leisure activities

Many different hiking trails and pony-trekking routes.
Mountain-biking Rafting. Via Ferrata.
Fishing. Excursions.
Swimming, nautical sports, sailing and funboard on Serre-Poncon lake.
Pottery market (July).
Village feast day (Sunday after 21st July).
Historical tour of the Caturige settlement.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals. Gites. Furnished accommodation.
Tourist residences.
Holiday villages.


Savines le lac (12km), Crots (18km) and Gap (19km).

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