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The best bike rides in the Var.

If you're a two-wheeled enthusiast, the Var is the place to be! The Var offers ideal terrain for cycling, whether on specially adapted circuits, cycle paths or mountain bikes. Thanks to a variety of itineraries, you can cycle along the coast, down the trails of the Massif des Maures or around Lake Sainte-Croix. It's a great way to combine sport and tourism! We'll show you the best cycling routes in the Var.

Balade vélo dans le Var.

Discover the cycle paths of the Var

The Var has an abundance of cycle paths to suit all tastes and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, you'll find a trail to suit you.

  • For nature lovers, the Parcours Cyclable du Littoral Varois - V65 offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean arc. It stretches from Sanary-sur-Mer to Montauroux and is reserved for experienced cyclists.

  • If you prefer shorter routes, the Voie Verte Le Lavandou - Rayol Canadel is an excellent option. It's 12km long, making it ideal for a family outing or a short cycling trip.

  • Cyclists in search of extraordinary scenery should try the Eurovélo 8 in Dracénie. You'll discover breathtaking natural sites such as the Sillans waterfall.

Don't forget to bring a map and check the condition of the tracks before setting off on your cycling adventure.

Cycle tours: the most beautiful tours in the Var

The Var, with its rich variety of landscapes, offers a multitude of routes for cycling enthusiasts. Some of the best tours include :

  • The Tour de la Presqu'île de Saint-Tropez: a 45km route offering beautiful views of the sea and vineyards, perfect for intermediate cyclists.

  • The Mont-Vinaigre loop: a 28km route in the heart of the Estérel massif, ideal for experienced cyclists looking for steep climbs and breathtaking views.

  • The Gorges du Verdon circuit: an 85km ride through the breathtaking landscapes of the Verdon, suitable for sporty cyclists.

  • The Tour de la Sainte-Baume: a 63km route through a variety of landscapes, including garrigue, forests and picturesque villages.

Each tour offers a unique experience, combining sport and discovery of the Var's natural heritage. Take the time to savour every moment and capture the nuances of these exceptional landscapes.

Family cycling in the Var: itineraries for family outings

For a family outing, the Var offers numerous routes suitable for all ages. For a sea-scented ride, the coastal cycle route is ideal. Running along the old Provence railway line, it passes through 20 communes offering beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

For nature lovers, the tour of Lac de Broc is an interesting option. Over a distance of 6.6 km, you can observe a variety of 260 species of birds.

If you prefer a more country-style walk, the itineraries in the Coeur du Var will introduce you to small roads and contrasting landscapes. The farms of the Riautord provide a pleasant setting for a family outing.

If you're looking for a longer route, the "vineyards by bike" is an excellent option. This route allows you to discover the vineyards of the Var while enjoying a day out in the fresh air. Don't forget to pack a picnic to make the most of this ride.

For a walk that's both fun and educational, head to La-Londe-les-Maures and its Espace Naturel Sensible de La Brûlade. The garden at La Brûlade is accessible on foot or by bike, and promises plenty of surprises for young and old alike.

Mountain bike trails for the more sporty

For cycling enthusiasts looking for a challenge, the Var has a wealth of mountain bike trails designed for sports enthusiasts. The aim? Test your endurance and technique while exploring the region's exceptional natural heritage.

  • The Côte d'Azur route offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and requires a good level of fitness. With its technical climbs and fast descents, it will delight experienced mountain bikers.

  • For a truly great itinerary, the French section of the Mediterranean by bike offers several dozen kilometres of mountain bike trails, from the coast to the mountains.

  • The Tours de pays offer a real immersion in the Var countryside, with tours lasting several days through vineyards, forests and hills.

  • The Mazaugues circuit, located around the Vallon d'Agas, offers technical challenges with a little pushing and portaging in the woods.

Before setting off on any of these tours, remember to check that your equipment is in good condition and suited to the difficulty of the route.

Where to cycle in the South of France: our favourite cycling routes

Cycling routes in the South of France, particularly in the Var, offer a plethora of landscapes to discover. The department is dotted with cycling routes that allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean, vineyards, dense forests and hilltop villages.

  • The TransAlpes VTT is an exceptional route for experienced cyclists. This 1,967.8km circuit crosses the Alps from north to south, a real challenge for cycling enthusiasts.

  • The Tour du Verdon by bike is another route not to be missed. With a distance of 258km, this tour offers magnificent scenery and a 4,000m vertical drop.

  • The Var department is also home to two FFC mountain bike centres, one in Hyères with 14 routes, and the other in the Verdon between Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Var, Espace Provence Verdon.

  • For road cyclists, the Var offers a variety of routes to suit all levels. For example, the Mediterranean by bike, a European itinerary that crosses the department, offers an ecological way to discover the region.

Finally, for a family outing, the "Villages de Caractère du Var" circuit is perfect. The starting point is from La Cadière d'Azur to Mons.

These routes are just a few examples of the many available in the Var, a top destination for cyclists.

From Nice to the Var: a route to discover by bike

For an unforgettable cycling experience, the route between Nice and the Var is one to discover. Starting in the bustling city of Nice, this route offers a variety of landscapes, from the sparkling Mediterranean coast to the lush green countryside of the Var.

The route: Leaving Nice, you can follow the coast westwards, passing through picturesque towns such as Saint-Laurent-du-Var and Cagnes-sur-Mer. You then enter the Var department, where you can choose to follow the coast or head inland to discover hilltop villages and forests.

Highlights along the way: This route offers a wide range of points of interest. On the coast, you can enjoy panoramic sea views, discover idyllic beaches and pass through lively seaside towns. Inland, you can explore picturesque rural landscapes, vineyards and charming villages.

With the right preparation and fitness, this route offers a rewarding and memorable cycling experience.

Cycling in the Var: advice and tips

For the best cycling experience in the Var, anticipation is key. Plan regular stops to hydrate and feed yourself, especially on sunny days. Wearing a helmet is recommended for your safety.

  • Choose the right bike: A mountain bike is ideal for mountain trails, while a road bike is preferable for long asphalt rides.

  • Look after your bike: Make sure your bike is in good condition before every ride. Check the brakes, tyres and gears.

  • Pay attention to the weather: The Mediterranean climate of the Var is generally mild, but thunderstorms can occur quickly. Check the forecast before setting off.

  • Respect the environment: Don't leave rubbish behind and respect the paths and wildlife.

  • Be prepared for emergencies: Carry a bike repair kit and a charged telephone in case of emergency.

Don't forget that the Var is a region rich in scenery and heritage. Make the most of every moment on your bike to discover the wonders of this region.

Cycling culture in the Var: events and meetings

The Var has a rich and dynamic cycling culture, with a varied calendar of events throughout the year. The Roc d'Azur, a major event in the world of mountain biking, attracts thousands of cyclists every year. Other notable events include La Classic Var, a renowned cycle race, and the regular outings organised by the Cyclisme Ouest Var club. Cycling fans can also take part in themed rides, such as those organised during the Bike Festival.

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