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Climbing and canyoning in the Verdon

There are several famous places for climbing and canyoning in Provence.

Let's start with the Verdon:

Climbing and canyoning in the Verdon

The Verdon is a must for climbing enthusiasts. It's a paradise that makes you dizzy... There are 933 routes on the Verdon cliffs, including the famous Escalès cliff, 300 metres long and absolutely vertical!

There's something for every style and level, and climbers come here from all over the world to enjoy themselves. The Verdon is undoubtedly a major meeting place in the world of climbing.

Canyoning and climbing guides in the Verdon

If you're a beginner, don't go it alone and trust your guide, who will choose a route to suit your level.

Here are the guides that Provence Web recommends for a safe outing:

Climbing and canyoning sites in the Verdon

Quinson :

100 possible routes (all levels), from 80 to 100 m.

Rock quality: good/limestone.

Organisation managing the site: Club d'escalade de Quinson.

04500 Quinson. Tel: 04 92 74 40 04

Moustiers Sainte Marie :

20 possible routes (medium difficulty level), varying from 25 to 50 m.

Rock quality: good/limestone.

Gorges du Verdon (Aiguines, La Palud)

1500 possible routes (all levels), varying from 20 to 300 m.

Rock quality: excellent/chalky.

Organisation managing the site: Association Lei Lagramusas.

04120 La Palud sur Verdon. Tel: 04 92 77 38 02

Castellane :

20 possible routes (easy level), varying from 10 to 20 m.

Rock quality: good/chalky

Contact the guides at La Palud

Annot :

130 possible routes (all levels), varying in height from boulder sectors to 50m routes.

Quality of rock: good/superior

Organisation managing the site: Association Vives Les Gestes.

04240 Annot. Tel: 04 92 83 35 17


Comité Départemental de la Montagne et de l'Escalade (Departmental Mountain and Climbing Committee)

3 Bd du Temps Perdu

04 100 Manosque

Tel: 04 92 72 39 40



8 place de l'église

04120 Castellane

Bureau des Guides de Canyon

3 Rue du Mazeau

04120 Castellane

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