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8 km from Suze-la-Rousse via the D94 road.

Discover the village of Tulette in the Drome


In the 12th century, Tulette was a stronghold of the Princes of Orange, and suffered a great deal during the Religious Wars.
All that remains of this distant past are the ruins of fortifications and defensive walls and a few houses dating back to the Renaissance era.

Le village de Tulette

Today Tulette is a large Provençal market town located on the "Côtes du Rhône", wine trail, known for its vineyards incorporating huge pink rose bushes and fragrant broom...

village de Tulette

Here you are in the kingdom of wine, vineyards and "Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée" (AOC).
Several vineyards and cellars are open to visitors for wine-tasting: good health !

What to see

Remains of ramparts (12th-14th centuries).
11th-12th century church, rebuilt in 1609.
Chapel of Notre Dame du Roure (12th century).
Figurines museum , history of military costume and horse-drawn carriages
from antiquity to the present day: 2400 soldiers, 600 horses, 100 carriages.

Leisure activities

Horse riding.
Bicycles for hire.

Village de Tulette.
Eglise de Tulette.
Tulette dans la Drôme.


Visan (5km), Suze-la-Rousse (8km), Valréas (13km) and Nyons (20km).

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