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Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

10 km from Monaco and 13 km from Nice.

Saint Jean Cap Ferrat beach and Yachts
Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat is an exceptional site and one of the most loveliest places on the Mediterranean coast.
The peninsula is situated next to Nice and Villefranche sur Mer and extends out to Cap Ferrat. Its tranquillity and warm climate make it a favourite holiday destination amongst European aristocracy and international millionnaires.
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat beach
In order to better appreciate the beauty of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, you can visit on foot by taking the coastal path. It is signposted for 14 km and divided into 3 parts : the tour of Cap Ferrat, the pine-forest and the Maurice Rouvier walk which links Saint Jean Cap Ferrat to Beaulieu.
At the tip of Cap Ferrat, you will find one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, the "Grand Hotel du Cap" which is set amidst a stunning garden.
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
You can visit one of the most beautiful villas on the peninsula which is open to the public and is like a palace from "One Thousand and One Nights" : the Villa Ile in France.
This mansion is decorated with the treasures of the baronness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. More than 5000 works of art are displayed, together with an impressive collection of furniture, lamps and carpets... it's marvellous !

Villa Ephrussi, orchid
The visit continues in the gardens of the villa surrounded by the sea. The Baronness Ephrussi de Rothschild was inspired by her travels to create 7 gardens designed around several themes.
Spanish, Florentine or of the Muses, garden of the Lapidary, the rose garden... impeccable walk-ways, palm-trees and rare fragrances surround this paradise.
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, garden with sea view
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is also known for the luxurious properties nestled amongst lush vegetation.
Discretely built and protected from prying eyes, they often include a private beach and locked gate-ways. Everything is not alway what it seems on the French Riviera...

What to see

Ephrussi de Rothschild Foundation.
Museums and gardens of the Villa Ile de France.
Chapelle St Hospice.
Tour St Hospice.
Cap Ferrat lighthouse.
Cap Ferrat Zoo.

Leisure activities

Hiking and walks along the 14 km coastal walk-way.
Port de St Jean.
Water sports, 3 beaches (Paloma, Passable et Cro dei Pin).
Varied cultural events thoughout the summer.


Holiday rentals.

Plage à Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.
St Jean Cap Ferrat.
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat French Riviera.
Port de Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.


Beaulieu sur Mer (3 km) et Villefranche sur Mer (4 km).

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Main villages of the area: