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30km from Nice on highway 8. Trains, buses, helicopters.

Discover the pretty town of Menton near the border with Italy

Situated in the far south-east of France, close to the Italian border, Menton is at once a garden town, a seaside town and a seaside resort. Menton has been awarded 1st prize in the towns in bloom competition for several years.

Port de Menton.

An exceptional climate

Its exceptional sunshine and almost subtropical climate favour the cultivation of orange, lemon and palm trees, mimosa and the extraction of rare essential oils. Its many gardens, created with talent, are a real delight and will make you dream.

Superb gardens

Winters are very mild in Menton, and frost is virtually unheard of, so gardeners and landscapers can give free rein (or almost free rein) to their imagination and inspiration in creating the gardens. They are then admirably maintained and pampered by a small army of experienced gardeners.


The marina and old town of Menton

With two marinas, the old port and the coastline, Menton is the perfect place to enjoy the pleasures of the sea and the gentle way of life that reigns here all year round. The old town is well worth a visit, with its beautiful old facades and the atmosphere and charm of yesteryear.

Ville de Menton.

Luxury villas in Garavan

Take a stroll along the port of Garavan (between the old town and the Italian border), where a succession of luxury villas have been built by the notables and upper middle classes who used to come down to the Côte d'Azur to enjoy themselves. Menton (a former possession of the Grimaldis) was a popular holiday destination for royalty. They spent their summers in Menton and enjoyed meeting up with wealthy people.

Eglise Menton.

The Lemon Festival

Don't miss the famous Lemon Festival, which takes over the town for 3 weeks between February and March. Floats built and decorated with citrus fruits and based on a different theme each year parade along the seafront Promenade du Soleil. The Lemon Festival is in full swing, with Brazilian bands, brass bands, folk groups and majorettes, plus a truly enchanting night parade... one of the major events on the Côte d'Azur, and a must-see. The lemon is the emblem of the town of Menton.

Our map of Menton

Villas à Menton.

To find your way around Menton, you can use our interactive map on this page. We have included the various points of interest in Menton's town centre and tourist areas. We have also included our recommendations for accommodation in the town so that you can locate it before booking your stay in Menton.

Our photos of the town

Our team has taken many photos of the town of Menton. You'll find a slideshow of our photos of Menton and its beautiful spots (Palais de Carnolès, Plage des Sablettes, Garavan, marina...) at the bottom of this page.

What to do around Menton

If you're looking for things to do in and around Menton, we recommend these superb guided outings that we've tried out! You'll be sure to have some great memories! Guided tours of the town, cycling or boat trips.

What to see

Guided visits to the old city which include fabulous staircases, beach stone mosaics, trompe l'oeil, ceramic murals, 18th and 39th c. houses, the Place aux Herbes...
St. Michel Church.
The Chapels of the Penitents Noirs and the Penitents Blancs.
Beaux Arts Museum in the Palais Carnoles,
Modern Art Galery in the Palais de L'Europe. Jean Cocteau Museum.
The Jean Cocteau Wedding Room. The Museum of regional prehistory.
The eco museum of La Forge.
Garden: Serre de la Madone.

Leisure activities

Casino, discotheques. Theatre.
Little sightseeing train.
All water sports

Holiday rentals

VACANCIEL Village Club
Bedrooms with air conditionned - 1 to 4 pers
400 m from the sea - Downtown

378€ - 574€


Holiday rentals.


Your questions about the town of Menton

You have sent us several interesting questions about Menton. Here are our answers so that all our readers can find out more. Don't hesitate to email us if you have any other questions.

When did Menton become French?

Menton recently became part of France on 2 February 1861. The town was ceded to France by Italy in gratitude for Napoleon III's help with Italian unity. The town has long been part of the Principality of Monaco.

Is Menton a beautiful town?

Yes, Menton is a magnificent town, as you can see from our various photos of the city. It's a little gem in the south of France, and a must-visit during your stay on the Côte d'Azur.

What language is spoken in Menton?

Everyone speaks French in Menton. Although Italy is close by, Italian is only really spoken by families of recent Italian origin. And of course, English is widely spoken in the tourist industry.

Ville de Menton.
Menton, French Riviera.
Plage de Menton.
Port de Menton.
Villas à Menton.
Menton, Alpes Maritimes.
Eglise Menton.


Roquebrune-Cap Martin (4 km), Castellar (7 km) et Beausoleil (10 km).

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