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63 km. from Nice airport. Leaving from Nice take route RN202 north, go 2 km past St Martin du Var) then turn left onto route RD17 for 30km., then left again onto RD10.

Aiglun, view
Aiglun is perched on the side of Mount St. Martin, and at the foot of this forested massif runs the river Esteron.
It is surrounded by wild and mountainous nature and faces the superb and imposing Mont Cheiron.
Aiglun, Clue
Beautiful old houses line the charming little streets of the village and are grouped around the church and the town hall.
To discover the surroundings of Aiglun, arm yourself with good shoes and go see the picturesque troglodyte shelters.
The Aiglun clue is unmissable, it is one of the most grandiose in the region with gorges from 200m to 400m high, do not miss the Vegay waterfall which is more than 140m high!
Aiglun is the inspiration site of the Provencal poet Frederic Mistral for his poem entitled "Calendal".

What to see

Clue d'Aiglun (2km. long, 200 to 400 m. high). Vegay Watertall.
The ancient bridge with its view.
St. Martin Grotto. Troglodyte castle.
Rural chapels: St. Joseph, St. Raphael.

Leisure activities

Canoeing: Le Clue.
Climbing. Hiking. Fishing.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals. Rural gites.


Le Mas (8 km) , Sigale (9 km) et Roquesteron (11 km).

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Main villages of the area: