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Bézaudun les Alpes

22 km north of Vence, between Coursegoules and Bouyon.Take the Vence, pass, the D2 and then the D8.

Bezaudun Les Alpes, the village
Bezaudun will surprise you: parked in the small car park at the belvedere overlooking a wild and uninhabited landscape in the foothills of the St Barnabé plateau, the village will offer you a harmonious and well-preserved set of old houses, built in the local stone of a beautiful pale gray slightly iridescent.
Bezaudun Les Alpes, church
Clinging to its slope, this mid-mountain village built in stairs and tightened in the middle of ramparts of which some vestiges remain, is topped at its summit by a high rectangular tower (13th and 14th century) with twin windows, which constitutes the beautiful remains of a medieval castle. Also picturesque, the stone church and its campanile bell tower.
While breathing in perfectly pure and lively air, you will have a lot of fun climbing the cobbled streets, admiring an old wash house here, a vaulted passage there, or even some beautiful buildings built on outcropping rocks.
Bezaudun Les Alpes, calade street
A short stop at the orientation table located in the heart of the village is essential: you will have a panoramic view of the Baou de Saint-Jeannet and the coastal region in the distance.
And perhaps you will want to settle down with your little family in this charming, quiet village, as a painter, an illustrator and a stained glass designer have already done before you!

What to see

Remains of a medieval Chateau.
Prehistoric remains at Villeplaine.
Church (12th century) and Romanesque chapel ND du Peuple (which contains an altarpiece by Brea: The Virgin of Protection and the Rosary).

Leisure activities

Walking ...
Donkey trekking. Fishing.


Farm Accommodation.


Bouyon (6 km) et Courségoules (6 km).

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