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Bézaudun Les Alpes

The departement of the Alpes Maritimes - Pop.: 200 h.

22 km north of Vence, between Coursegoules and Bouyon.
Take the Vence, pass, the D2 and then the D8.
Bezaudun Les Alpes, the village

Bezaudun is a hill top village at 860m altitude looking over green valleys.

With it's splendid rectangular high tower (13th and 14th century), the chateau sits at the highest point of the village looking over the square bell tower of the church.

Bézaudun Les Alpes, church

The village is made up of a beautiful array of ochre houses, and contrasting rooftops.

Covered passageways leave from the paved main street.
Don't leave the village without visiting the Mont d'Anou, with it's superb panoramic view over the Baou de St Jean and to the cote d'Azur in the distance.

What to see:

Medieval Chateau.
Roman Church and Chapel, ND du Peuple.
Prehistoric remains at Villeplaine.

Leisure activities:

Walking ... donkey trekking. Fishing.


1 Inn.
Farm Accommodation.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

Bouyon (5km) Courségoules (7km).

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Bézaudun les Alpes
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Map of  Be;zaudun Les Alpes
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Bezaudun Les Alpes, Lou Pastre

Bezaudun Les Alpes, bell tower

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