Châteauneuf Grasse

Alpes Maritimes Departement - Population : 3,279 inh.

puce Located 20 km from Cannes, 31 km from Nice and 6 km from Grasse.Take the Mougins motorway (A8) exit in the direction of Grasse.

 Chateauneuf de Grasse village
The village of Chateauneuf de Grasse is listed as one of the historic sites in Alpes Maritimes.
Attached to the slopes of a hill, Chateauneuf de Grasse looks over the surrounding countryside with the Bay of Cannes in the distance.

Chateauneuf de Grasse, bell tower
At an altitude of 413 m and with a surface area of 895 hectares a visit to the village will take you past many interesting signs of its historic past.
Ornate windows with their sculptures in the forms of shells, doorways, passageways, wide staircases, houses dating back to the XVIth and XVIIth centuries, porchs, lintels, washing areas.

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puce What to see:

The village. The castle.
The old cemetery with a panoramic view.
The site of Notre Dame du Brusc.
Parish Church dating from the XVth and XVIIth century.


puce Leisure activities:

Horse riding center. Cycling. Boules.
Tennis. 18 hole international Golf.
Village Fairs. Pottery.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Opio (3 km), Le Bar sur Loup (4 km) and Valbonne (7 km).

Chateauneuf de Grasse, house Chateauneuf de Grasse, church door Chateauneuf de Grasse, old door