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Le Rouret

28km from Nice, take the D6 at Cagnes sur Mer.

Le Rouret, the village
Planted with olive trees, pines and cypresses, Le Rouret is a real Provençal village which has preserved a few old stone houses, a square planted with plane trees where a superb church with a tiled roof and campanile bell tower sits, a fountain dating from 1851 and even a pretty chapel transformed into a "dance area"!
Le Rouret, fountain
Well renovated, quiet and residential, Le Rouret is a chic village, where you will find all the shops but also a restorer of antique furniture and a wine cellar.
Le Rouret, chapel with danse are
Blessed owners of the many villas perched on the heights, old Provençal farmhouses sheltered by high walls or beautiful recent discreet residences behind their cypress hedges: for them, the quality of life is at the top here, and Le Rouret a paradise on earth!
Le Rouret, bell tower
While in Le Rouret, you will discover the magic of the best French perfumes, because the plants grown here are destined for the distilleries of Grasse, including jasmin, roses, orange trees, violets....

What to see

Roman camp. The Castellaras.
The Beaume-Robert cave.
Village centre:(squares, washing areas, church...)

Leisure activities

Cultural events (concerts, religious festivals).


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.


Opio (4 km), Le Bar sur Loup (7 km) et Grasse (9 km).

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