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La Croix sur Roudoule

From Nice (75km.) take the N202 in the direction of Digne then the D16 to Puget Théniers.

La Croix sur Roudoule village
After following a very narrow and occasionally breathtaking winding road, stop first of all on the bridge suspended over an impressive drop.
From there you have an uninterrupted view of the Roudoule Gorge ... and of a much older stone bridge, because... it was built by the Romans!
La Croix sur Roudoule, street
Then when you come round the next bend it will be time to discover the marvellous village of La Croix sur Roudoule, perched on a rocky spur.
The village was a stronghold of the Templars and then of the order of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem.
From its medieval past a few sections of the defensive walls have survived, as well as a fortified gateway. It enjoys an invigorating mountain climate (Tete de Meleze, 1733 m) and is set in a verdant yet Mediterranean natural environment.
La Croix sur Roudoule, houses
Here you can take a walk back in time, as you stroll over the uneven cobblestones: high houses built from yellow or ivory stone, brown and lavender blue shutters, covered passageways with wooden beams in their ceilings, smart gardens, little fountains... you'll have no problem imagining the scene and the way of life many centuries ago...
La Croix sur Roudoule, old village
Here at La Croix sur Roudoule, hardly anything has changed, and this unique atmosphere makes the village truly enchanting.
Visit the village at Whitsun if you can, to taste the famous Holy Ghost soup with the local inhabitants. It is made from rice, olive oil and dry beans... and is followed by a distribution of blessed bread.
La Croix sur Roudoule church
While you're there, you must try the local speciality too: goat's cheese .
Absolute peace and quiet, exceptionally pure air, and an untouched natural environment: it's the ideal place to recharge your batteries!

What to see

Saint-Michel church (13th century Romanesque nave, 16th century altar pieces and painted panels).
Chapel of Notre Dame du Rosaire (16th century. Inside, 18th century painting and altar piece).
Seigneurial house with two towers.
Leouve, a hamlet scattered around a red sandstone cirque (disused copper mine).

Leisure activities

Hiking (from Leouve: path to Col de Roua, former road of the Dukes of Savoy).
Municipal festival at Whitsun.
In summer, boules competitions, anchoiade.
Exhibition in summer at Notre-Dame chapel on a theme associated with the countryside.


Bed and breakfast.
Gites. Holiday rentals.


Puget-Théniers (8 km) Puget-Rostang (9 km) et Saint Léger (10 km).

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