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53 Km from Nice, take the N202 for 40km and then right on the D26.

Tournefort, square
Tournefort is a village which once belonged to the Knights. Unfortunately it was destroyed in 1887 by an earthquake and then abandoned.
Since that date Tournefort has been rebuilt but spread out across the area.
Tournefort, landscape
From the recently built area of the village you can climb up a large flight of steps to the remains of the old village.
The remains of the castle which have been overtaken by vegetation are still easily accessible thanks to the paths which have been especially laid out.
It appears that the origins of the village name came from the numerous windmills which existed before the earthquake. It appears that the wind must blow up here from time to time!

What to see

St Pierre's Church XVIIth century.
Pénitents' Chapel (XVth century and XVIth century).
Remains of the fortified castle.
Vaulted cellars.

Leisure activities

Hiking. Fishing.
Mini golf.
Sports area.


Holiday rentals.


Massoins (4 km), Villars sur Var (10 km) et Bairols (11 km).

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