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58 km. north of Nice by route RN202, then route D2205.

Bairols, the village
You don't go to Bairols by chance: you have to take a very small road that climbs up a steep slope in the Tinée valley.
The brave who park below the village will have the joy of discovering, at the pace of the walk, (after 350 meters of sloping path), the medieval charms of this charming perched village.
Bairols, houses
Because the reward is at the end of the road to this end of the world!
Over the past twenty years the mayor of the village has worked to renovate this ancient fief of Queen Jeanne.
Bairols, tiny street
A formidable restoration company which has restored Bairols to its seigneurial profile with its old stone facades, its medieval vaults and covered passages and its vertiginous staircases.
You will experience immense pleasure in strolling through its freshly paved alleys, one of which goes around the village, offering you a panoramic view of the pleasant Tinee valley.

What to see

Ste. Marguerite Church, patron saint of Bairols.
Castle ruins.
Chapels St. Roch and St. Antoine.

Leisure activities



Inn (old oil and flour mill), with regional specialities.


Tournefort (11 km), Clans (14 km), La Tour (20 km) et Villars sur Var (21 km).

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