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On the edge of the world! : take the D16 at Puget Theniers (on the N202 Nice-Digne), then the D116 for Puget Rostang, and finally the D216 !!!

Auvare, tiny street
Located like an eagle's nest "far from the madding crowds" Auvare is a charming village looking over the valley.
The village offers superb views over the surrounding mountains, walk around the village and you'll appreciate its charming houses with their sun-washed, colourful facades.
Auvare, bar
Visit the shady spaces and the narrow vaulted passage-ways which climb up the village.
You wont meet many people because Auvare is a minuscule village with a population of 38.

What to see

XIII° Century Chateau ruins.

Leisure activities

Walking & Hiking.
Village Fair 29th June.


La Croix sur Roudoule (5 km)., Puget Rostang (7 km) et Puget Théniers (11 km).

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