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60 km from Nice, take the M17 and the D17 via Saint Martin du Var and Gilette.

Cuebris village
When you arrive via the narrow road that climbs through the pines and olive trees, you will be surprised to discover a picturesque village, clinging between two rocky cliffs, as if challenging its tough environment.
Cuebris, calade street
The houses are rather lopsided, built one above the other. Cuebris has a beautiful square, forming a viewpoint over the valley.
In the centre stands the light grey stone church, with its amazing bell tower in four parts, as well as a fountain with a lions head, cut out of solid stone.
Cuebris, vaulted passageway
On one side a beautiful vaulted gateway leads to medieval streets recently cobbled in very soft mauve and grey tones. It's lovely to stroll along them, admiring the old tile roofs, the very low houses, terraces and gardens bursting with Virginia creeper, lavender and succulents.
Cuebris, bell tower
On the other side of the square, climb the steps to the top of a cliff ending in a promontory where your efforts will be rewarded by a view of this amazing village, set astride its two valleys.

What to see

Church Notre Dame de la Consolation.

Leisure activities

Walking (Val d'Esteron paths, leading to the Baisse des Gauthiers or Sauma Longa).
Sports field.


Gites - Holiday rentals.


Roquesteron (4 km), Roquesteron-Grasse (4 km),Sigale (7 km), Conségudes (14 km) et Pierrefeu (18 km).

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