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The departement of the Alpes Maritimes - Pop.: 170 h.

30 Km north of Nice on the D19 via Levens.
Duranus  village

Duranus is a pretty (very small) village spread amongst a wild and mountainous landscape.

It's famous for the view point called "Saut des Francais".

Duranus, bell-tower

Apparently in 1793 French soldiers taken prisoner by the Barbets (defending the Comte de Nice) were thrown over these impressive cliffs.

If you want to know more about the story take a seat next to some of the village elders on one of the benches in the shady village squares

Duranus church

They take great pleasure in talking about this episode in the village's history!

If you walk up to the famous leap you can enjoy a fantastic panorama over the Gorges of this... but don't lean over too far!

What to see:

Ruin of Recuperations (XII).
Chapel St Eurosie and St Michel.
Viewpoint at the "Saut des Fran├žais".

Leisure activities:

Saint's Fair, 29th september.
Walking. Canyoning.
Crafts : potters and painters.


Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

Levens (8km), Lantosque(16km), Utelle (17km).

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Duranus bell-tower

Duranus village

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