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Département des Alpes Maritimes - Pop.: 250 h.

70 Km north east of Nice on the D2204 via Sospel
or 50km north of Menton on the D2566 Sospel.
Fontan village and Roya rivere

In the heart of the Roya valley, Fontan is a verdant green village on the banks of the beautiful Roya river.

Its ancient high stone or colored plaster buildings spread out along the water side (perfect for fishing.

Fontan belltower
Fontan - "Fontes Aquarum" - is famous throughout the region for the quality of its water "la Fouze" which is sold by the Eaux de Fontan company.

Founded in the 17th century, this little village has a baroque style church of The Visitation with a trompe l'œil facade, topped by a multi-coloured dome bell tower. A recently restored chapel dedicated to Saint-Jacques, the Chateau de Caussegne that houses a museum, and the Liberator's Monument, the work of the famous Sacha Sosno dedicated to the memory of American airmen who died in 1944. Life is peaceful in Fontan - just take a look at the village elders sitting on a bench watching the cars go by !

Fontan church

Don't leave Fontan without taking a walk around the Berghe hamlet: set on a steep slope with an immense magnificent mountain as backdrop ancient stone-built houses and terraces sit side by side.

Wonderful pure mountain air and water delight nature lovers, away from the bustling crowds on the coast.

What to see:

Parish Church, 17th century.
St Jacques chapel.
Fontan Museum (tools, crockery, clothes from the beginning of the century).
Museum of Bee-keeping Arts and Traditions (Chateau de la Causega).
Hamlet of Berghe.
Maline Caves.

Leisure activities:

Walking & Hiking (la Roya valley path passes through here).
Fishing. Canoeing.
Kayak. Tennis.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saorge (3km), Breil sur Roya (9km), Tende (10km).

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Fontan church

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