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The departement of the Alpes Maritimes - Pop.: 50 h.

58 Km from Nice. Take the RN202, the D2205 then the D58.
Marie, the village

Marie is a small village in the Tinee valley set against a wooded, mountainous environment.

It's extremely pretty name comes from an ancient tradition when the village was a pilgrimage centre for the residents of the lower Tinee valley and the Valdeblore valley.

Marie, tower

The residents of Marie (called Mariols!!) have retained a remnant of this ancient tradition which takes place each year at the end of August.

When you visit the the village of Marie, you'll find some traces of its medieval past and can take great pleasure in wandering around its narrow streets, stepped paths and vaulted passagewaysr.

Marie - Calade

You'll also be able to admire the tall houses, with their ancient stone walls worn by the passage of time, weather and sunshine, clinging to the mountainside.

The village of Marie has really understood how to get the best from the natural charm of the village.

What to see:

XVIIth C. Church. St Anne and St Roch Chapels
Feudal Gateway, bread oven, oil mill, washing place.

Leisure activities:

Arts and crafts exhibitions


Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

Saint Sauveur sur Tinée (10km), Ilonse (14km).

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Marie, the village

Marie, house

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