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Tourrette Levens

15 km north of Nice on the D19.

Tourrette Levens, the village
Tourrette Levens is a village surrounded by hills located in extremely beautiful mountainous countryside in the Nice hinterland.
The medieval village was abandoned in the middle of the 19th century and today is in ruins, looking over the present day village of Tourrette Levens.
Tourrette Levens, the castle
Recent buildings are spread amongst the different neighborhoods of the commune: Revel, La Condamine, Camp Soubran, Le Plan d'Arriou and Les Moulins.
Tourrette Levens, tower
It makes for a green environment with houses dotted here and there, whereas in the village itself beautiful older houses are grouped around small squares and narrow streets, full of charm.
Don't leave Tourrette Levens without visiting the restored Castle which today hosts a butterfly museum (unique in the area) as well as a cultural center.which organizes many interesting cultural events.

What to see

Church, Notre Dame de l'Assomption 18th century.
Church, St Sauveur 13th and 14th century.
Restored Castle and butterfly museum).
Prehistory Museum.

Leisure activities

Walking and Hiking (GR 51).
Tennis. Sports' area.

Tourrette Levens.


Aspremont (6 km), Falicon (8 km), Châteauneuf Villevieille (10 km) et Levens (11 km).

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