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The departement of the Alpes Maritimes - Pop.: 150 h.

A 85 Km from Nice, take the D202 heading for Digne, go through Entrevaux and turn right onto the D902 which then becomes the D2202. Then turn left onto the tiny D96.
Daluis gorge

Daluis is a small village perched above the Var valley, consisting of a few isolated houses hanging to the slope, grouped around a recently built church with a square bell-tower.

There's nothing exceptional here, apart from the panoramic view of the valley and the river Var, which can be heard roaring far below.

Daluis church

If you park in the tiny shady car park, you may be tempted to enjoy a little bucolic picnic on the wooden table right next to a small refreshing fountain. Peace and quiet are guaranteed!

Daluis is the first village you reach in the Alpes Maritimes on leaving the Alpes de Haute Provence. It is part of a particularly fascinating tourist circuit that will enable you to discover the vertiginous Daluis gorge.

Daluis road

Its walls are immense, scoured out of red schist similar to the Cian gorge, but with a greater overhang.

At the bottom of this gorge (a direct drop of more than 300 metres) flows the Var river, which is perfect for white water sports in enchanting wild scenery.

This gorge is an absolute must.

Daluis, Daluis gorge

Waymarked paths will enable you to discover the beauty of these landscapes as you walk from the village of Saint Leger to the village of La Croix sur Roudoule or else take the old smugglers' path which will lead you to Sauze.

The Daluis gorge is not the only natural marvel here. "La grotte du Chat" (is not open to the public anymore), is one of the largest cave systems in the department, with numerous chambers and galleries, waterfalls, plus of course stalactites and stalagmites.

What to see:

Church St Celestin. Chapel St Martin
Remains of the castleu and tower.
The Daluis gorge : the Amen waterfall, Le Pont de la Mariee (the Bride's Bridge), etc.

Leisure activities:

Aquatic hike (5,000 metres to travel, with a difference in altitude of 84 m).
Paragliding, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing.
Kayak and white-water sports ("clues" and canyons).
Interpretation trail (accessible to all, altitude difference of 150 metres), with information panels explaining the wildlilfe, minerals, the copper mine, life in olden times, etc.
Bungee jumping (from Pont de la Mariee, 80 metres high).


Bed and breakfast.
Gites. Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

Sausses (5km), Castellet les Sausses (9km),Guillaumes (11km).

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Daluis, door of the church

Daluis rock

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