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15 km north-west of Aix en Provence via the D10.

Vauvenargues, landscape
Situated on the border between the Departements of the Var and the Bouches du Rhone, Vauvenargues covers a vast territory at the foot of the north massif of Mount Sainte-Victoire.
Vauvenargues, terrace
The valley surrounding the village is beautiful, with an undisturbed natural environment. Delightful walks are possible following the sign-posted tracks which cross Vauvenargues.
However, because of the fire-risk, the slopes of Sainte-Victoire are protected during July and August.
Vauvenargues, castle
Outside the village, nestled amongst the greenery, the chateau de Vauvenargues appears to watch-over the entrance to the valley.
Flanked by two 14th century round towers with a 16th century surrounding wall, its turbulent history goes back to the Comtes de Provence.
Vauvenargues, bell tower
In 1257 the chateau belonged to the archbishops of Aix en Provence, en 1722 Louis 14th offered it to a certain Joseph de Clapiers for loyal service during the 1720 plague...
and in 1958 the chateau was bought by the famous painter Pablo Picasso who desired that it become his eternal resting place.

What to see

16th century church with Roman sector dating back to the 5th century.
ouffre du Garagai. La Glaciere.
Vallon des Masques. Citadel.

Leisure activities

Friday morning market.
Hiking (except July/August in the forest).
Fishing. Tennis.
Arts and crafts and cultural events.
Village festival, first weekend in July.

Village de Vauvenargues.
Vauvenargues dans les Bouches du Rhône.


Saint Marc Jaumegarde (7 km), Jouques (17 km) and Rians (20 km).

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