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Saint Chamas

17 km south west of Salon de Provence.

Discover the village of Saint Chamas near Istres

Village de Saint Chamas

Flanked by a chain of coastal hills, Saint Chamas is a small village on the northern shores of the Etang de Berre. The village is divided into two parts by a hill riddled with caves. On one side, it looks out into a pine forest and hills and, on the other, onto a pleasant marina.

A charming town centre

Strolling through the streets, you will come to the main road (Rue Voltaire, which continues as Rue Gambetta), lined with little shops. Pretty little squares (such as Place Betirac and Place de l’Eglise) lend the village a feeling of airiness and give the centre charm.

The streets are for the most part narrow, cool and shady and the houses are in neat rows with smartly painted shutters. There is a peaceful atmosphere, not too lively perhaps, but tranquil and pleasant... in a word, typically Provencal.

Pont Flavien, troglodyte caves: the rich history of the village

St Chamas boasts the remains of its mediaeval walls and some ancient cave dwellings and is famous above all for its Roman bridge across the River Touloubre. The Pont Flavien was constructed in the 1st century BC under Emperor Augustus. It has been restored numerous times and is built of white stone with a yellow limestone arch. You will see it on the outskirts of St Chamas between the D10 and the D15 (going towards Lançon de Provence via Cornillon Confoux).

The pretty port of Saint Chamas

St Chamas has an attractive little harbour, with fishing and sailing boats bobbing against one another. Lush lawns, flowerbeds and parks are well kept and smarten up this side of the Etang de Berre.

The Plan aqueduct and the Horloge bridge

To enjoy a beautiful view of the lagoon and the plain surrounding it, climb up to the Plan de L'Horloge aqueduct. From 23 metres up, you’ll have a commanding view of St Chamas and it’s a pleasant walk.

The Parc de la Poudrerie

Don't miss the walk through the floodplains of the Parc de la Poudrerie, which stretches between Saint-Chamas and Miramas on the banks of the Etang de Berre. This magnificent natural site covers a large area and is home to a rich fauna and flora typical of wetlands (pink flamingos, cistudes, osprey, etc.). A natural setting not to be missed.

The Saint Chamas market

The Saint Chamas market takes place every Saturday morning on rue Gambetta. It's a friendly market with many local producers. It's a great opportunity to buy good produce and visit the village.

Our map of St Chamas (postcode 13250)

To find your way around the town, you can use our interactive map. We've included all the town's points of interest (Pont Flavien, church, Plan aqueduct, etc.) as well as our recommendations for accommodation. You can then locate them before booking your stay in St Chamas.

What to see

Flavien bridge.
Plan de l'Horloge aqueduct.
Caves. Church.

Leisure activities

Market on Saturday mornings (Rue Gambetta).
Walking and mountain biking.
Summer events.


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You have sent us many questions about this commune. Here are our answers to your most frequently asked questions, so that all our readers can find out more.

A beach to swim at in Saint-Chamas?

Plage des Cabassons is the family beach in Saint-Chamas. Swimming is supervised and there are plenty of facilities for enjoying the beach (beach volleyball court, etc.). It's a very popular beach.

What are the inhabitants of Saint-Chamas called?

The 8,500 inhabitants of Saint-Chamas are called "Saint-Chamassens" and "Saint-Chamassennes". The town is growing year on year, and that's normal - life is good in Saint-Chamas!

What is the highest point in Saint-Chamas?

The Collet du Verdon is the highest point in the commune of Saint Chamas, at 121 metres above sea level. Another famous high point around the town is the Colline du Baou.

What monuments are listed in Saint-Chamas?

There are a number of listed monuments in St-Chamas. These include the Eglise Saint-Léger, the Lavoir des Contagieux (a wash-house for people who were ill during the Black Death) and the Saint-Léger viaduct. History buffs and lovers of fine stonework will love a visit to this village.

Where is Saint-Chamas?

The commune of St Chamas lies to the north of the Etang de Berre in the Bouches du Rhône département in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region. Nearby villages include Miramas and Cornillon Confoux. The nearest major town is Istres.

Acqueduc du Plan Pont de l'horloge.
Saint Chamas mairie.
Saint Chamas.
Saint Chamas tourisme.
Port de Saint Chamas.


Cornillon Confoux (6 km), Miramas (6 km), Lançon de Provence (12 km) and Istres (12 km).

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