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Between Saint Remy de Provence (11 km to the south) and Avignon (10 km).

Chateaurenard, the town
Situated in the north of the department, at the foot of a little hill between La Montagnette to the west and La Petite Cran to the east, Châteaurenard is a little town which lies peacefully at the heart of a fertile valley.
Chateaurenard boasts all the attractions of a rural town: surrounded by vast, colourful orchards, between the Alpilles and Durance,but just a stone’s throw from Avignon and the main tourist attractions of the region..
Chateaurenard, castle
Chateaurenard was formerly a strategic defensive site, providing protection against attacks by enemies and watching over the Durance valley.
Some remnants of the town’s feudal past have been preserved, with two towers of the old chateau still surviving today.
Chateaurenard, tower
Constructed in 1170 by Reynardus, the local lord of the manor, the chateau gave its name to the village: originally called Castel Reynard, it then became Castel Renard and later Chateaurenard.
The chateau underwent several changes and transformations over the centuries. For instance, in 1420 a second floor was added, which explains the mixture of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
Chateaurenard, towers of the castle
Some famous people have stayed at the castle: Louis XIV, Queen Jeanne and Catherine de Medicis are among the most well known, as well as Pope Benoit XIII (the last pope of Avignon).
Sadly, the castle was destroyed by the villagers during the French Revolution - only the two towers visible today were spared.
Chateaurenard, museum
From the castle esplanade and the Griffin Tower visitors can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of la Montagnette, Avignon, le Ventoux and the Alpilles.

Today the château houses four themed rooms : the Middle Ages, stone engravings and sculptures, the 17th century and the 18th century. During the summer months you can also visit the Chateaurenard Museum of Agricultural Implements.
Chateaurenard, church
The main economic activity in Châteaurenard is its Marché d’Intérêt National (MIN - or National Market), held on a site which extends over 800 m².
Around 300,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables are handled here every year (making this the largest market of its kind in Europe in terms of weight). The market is supplied by 150 municipalities in the surrounding area.
Chateaurenard, street It is open for business every day from 6.30 am to 7.30 am but it’s not worth getting up early and going there with your little basket - the melons, tomatoes, cauliflowers, lettuces, apples and other fruit and vegetables are sold here by the palette and the lorry load!
Finally, don’t leave Chateaurenard without trying the local specialities: liqueur de Frigolet (herbal liqueur), Frigoleio (grapes covered in marzipan and infused with a herbal liqueur) and Pavé du Cours (small chocolate).

What to see

Church of St Denis.
Feudal castle built between the 12th and 15th centuries.
Museum of Agricultural Implements.

Leisure activities

Market on Sunday mornings (Cours Carnot).
Frigolet liqueur distillery.
Waymarked walks - fitness trail.
Horse riding and mountain biking.
Riding centre. Pony club. Tennis.
Heated open-air swimming pool. Cinema. Discos.
Summer events:
Manades and Courses camarguaises (courses with bulls, horses and calves).
Festival of St Eloi: 1st weekend in July.
Madeleine Festival: 1st weekend in August.
Festival of St Omer: 3rd weekend in September.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.

Village de Châteaurenard.
Ruines à Châteaurenard.
Châteaurenard dans les Bouches du Rhône.


Noves (5km), Rognonas (5km), Eyragues (5km) and Graveson (8km).

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