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Berre l'Etang

10 km Nord East of Vitrolles and 25 km South of Salon de Provence.

Located, as its name suggests, on one of the banks of the Etang de Berre and a stone's throw from the Marignane-Vitrolles economic hub, Berre L'Etang is not, strictly speaking, a major tourist destination. The eastern part of the town, bordering the pond forms a vast industrial complex of chemical and petrochemical activities. The town is now trying to reconcile progress and environmental protection and is trying to overcome the pollution problems of the past.
The commune of Berre is originally formed by a vast delta formerly marshy created by the alluvial transport of the river Arc. It was after the war of 1914-1918 that its industrial development began: at the beginning it was a naval air base which was founded there, then came a zinc factory, then factories of seaplanes and bombers, then factories chemical, then refineries, then Shell ... etc...
Berre l'Etang has nevertheless kept its human size. It should nevertheless be pointed out that today almost 1,500 hectares are used on agricultural land. But its main asset lies in its proximity to the Etang de Berre which extends over 15,500 ha and offers 75 km of perimeter (some sections of which are not without charm).
The Etang de Berre is fed by the fresh waters of the Arc river, the Touloubre and the EDF canal. It is connected to the sea by the Rove canal (which flows into the cove of Estaque) and Caronte (which crosses Martigues). The Etang de Berre has always attracted and united men around it, as evidenced by the excavations of St Blaise or the Flavian Bridge of St Chamas and even the village of the middle of the Old Miramas. It is at the end of the XIX ° century that the traditional culture (based on the olive, the vine, the peach and the saltworks) rocked and was upset by industrialization. The pond is divided today into two parts: The South and the South East have sacrificed a lot to industrialization while the North and the West have preserved a more familiar character where pine forests and cultures alternate.

What to see

Chapel Notre Dame de Caderot (13th century).
Church Saint Cesaire, remains and square tower.
Convent and remains of the Citadel. Gordes windmill (XVII° century).

Leisure activities

Markets on tuesday morning le mardi matin (avenue Paul Langevin), thursdaymarning (Bd Romain Rolland) and sunday (Place de la Mairie).
Swimming pool. Tennis. Stadium.
Nautic base.
Small marina.
Champigny beach.


Furnished rentals.


Rognac (5km), Velaux (12km), La Fare les Oliviers (12 km) et Marignane (15km).

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