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Plan de Cuques

North of Marseilles (13km) and next to Allauch (3km).

Plan de Cuques, square
The town of Plan de Cuques is a part of the Marseilles agglomeration. Even though there are numerous local shops on either side of the main street Plan de Cuques remains a simple neighbourhood of Marseilles.
Plan de Cuques, street
Some people call it a dormitory town, and its certain that Plan de Cuques doesn't offer much for tourists although the large number of local shops means it is a good place to do your shopping.
At the same time its proximity to two tourist centres (Marseilles and Allauch) means that you can discover both the attractions and ambiance of a large city and the charm of a historic village.
Plan de Cuques, square
You can also take some wonderful walks around the footpaths on the Garlaban range of hills.

What to see

Boulodrome. Tennis.
Open Air Swimming Pool.


Vacation rentals.


Allauch (3 km),Saint Savournin (16 km), Peypin (14 km), Septèmes-lès-Vallons (21 km).

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