Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop. : 500 h.

puce On the A51 and the RN85 between Château-Arnoux (5km) and Sisteron(8km).

Aubignosc, the village
Aubignosc is a small settlement not far from Sisteron, on the edge of the Durance river, served by two large highways - the RN85 and the A51 (an exit leads to the town).

Aubignosc stretches over a wide area with the old village at the centre made up of historic houses, a church and the sole bakery.

Behind the old village, a new residential area is being built.

Aubignosc, typical house

Other houses are scattered around the place. Aubignosc is not like a typical Provencal "touristy" village, instead it is a town undergoing major economic development which is slowly trying to preserve certain areas, while maintaining an agreeable lifestyle

A dozen businesses have already opened up in Aubignosc, although most of the inhabitants work in Sisteron. Aubignosc is definitely strategically situated !


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Parish church.


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puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Chateauneuf Val Saint Donat (5km), Peipin (2km).