Colmars les Alpes

Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 400 h.

puce On the D908 which links Saint André les Alpes to Barcelonnette.

Colmars les Alpes, the village

Colmars les Alpes is a superb mountain village in the Alpes de Haute Provence located in the upper reaches of the Verdon valley between Col d'Allos and Saint André les Alpes.

Magnificent wooded mountain landscapes surround Colmars, often bathed in sunlight..

Colmars les Alpes, the fort

Beautiful long walks or bike rides await you, taking you nearer to nature and the luxurious verdant landscapes.

Thanks to the turbulent events in its history Colmars has an impressive military heritages. The village is ringed by ramparts and guarded by two forts

Colmars les Alpes, fort

At the end of the XIVth century Colmars was a frontier village with the Duke of Savoy's territory. As a result protection was needed against potential aggressors.

Following numerous wars and fires its defensive system was reinforced over the centuries.

Colmars les Alpes, street

But the present system of well developed fortifications which give the village its current feel date from the XVIIth century.

Visiting Colmars les Alpes, you'll chance upon its small lanes, a few beautiful old houses, pretty little squares with fountains which together give the village its charm. You'll also understand why Colmars is one of the "villages of character".

Colmars, bridge on the Verdon rivern

You are close to the Mercantour National Park and the Verdon regional park, lavender fields and the canyon du Verdon canyon...

You'll be embarrassed for choice of walks and in winter cross country skiing is available in the Ratery domain.


puce What to see:

XVIth et XVIIth church. Savoy fort built in 1693.
Ramparts, fortified gateways.
La Lance waterfall (20 mn on foot).


puce Leisure activities:

International Folklore Festival (last week in July).
Oralies de Haute-Provence (October). Village Fete 8 August.


Bed and breakfast

puceColmars Les Alpes (Alpes Mercantour) - Val d'Allos
Les Transhumances
Bed & breakfast - 3 guest rooms in a recently renovated farm house
Nice view - Table d'hôtes
(+ 2 flats 3 pers)
Restaurant or mealsWiFi or Internet accessParking or garageOpen all year round
73 € - 73 €


Holiday rentals

puceColmars les Alpes (Alpes Mercantour) - Val d'Allos
2 holiday rentals for 3 persons in a renovated farm house
Great view - Table d'hôtes - Bed & Breakfast (3 guest rooms)
RestaurantWifi or Internet accessParking or garageOpen all year roundSki nearby
Locate on the map of Colmars les Alpes
395 € - 485 €


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Beauvezer (6km), Allos (8km).