Alpes de Haute Provence Departement - Population : 18 inh.

puce From Digne take the D 900 then on the right take the D 22 for 7 km.

Archail, house The smallest village in the Digne area - 10 inhabitants - (although it had 104 in 1851) is located at the end of the "time trail", which enables visitors to discover the region's geological curiosities - and they are legion at Archail, where lunar landscapes give way to fir tree undergrowth and breathtaking rocky peaks, such as the proud Mont Couard (1,998 m).
Archail, church
More surprisingly, you will realise that Archail is a charming little village where old round grey stone and Roman tiles are sovereign: small stone walls, stone stairs, dark wood shutters, in Archail, there is no lack of taste, nothing but the real thing!
The air here is gentle, the plants superbly Mediterannean: - fig trees, lime trees, virginia creepers and fruit trees, fir trees and lavender - and the inevitable café on the village square, where the basin and its fountain rub shoulders with the church.
Archail has everything to attract those who love authenticity and beauty as much as they do tranquillity!

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puce What to see:

Church (restored in 1828).
Geological curiosities.


puce Leisure activities:

Mountain hikes leaving from the village(to the Couard peak for example, 5 hours on foot).
Fishing (in the Bouinenc).


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puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Le Brusquet (9 km), and Marcoux (6 km) and Draix (2 km).