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North of Forcalquier (20km) passing by Cruis via the D16 and D951 roads.

Population : 150 inhabitants

Discover the village of Montlaux

Montlaux is a village peacefully situated on the edge of the Lauzon river, far from the main highways.
The village is unusual because it is very spread-out, contrary to most settlements in the area where the houses are clustered together with vast empty spaces on the outskirts.
Only in the small hamlet of Jacons will you find houses grouped together, along with the townhall and church.


Delightful walks can be taken along the Lauzon river where there is a series of ancient windmills: moulin de Lure, moulin de Pologne and moulin du Milieu.
In summer, you will appreciate the freshness of the river banks. If you walk in the direction of Sigonce under the bridge which crosses the D16, you can admire the beautiful waterfall. The site is superb... but take care, as swimming is dangerous here.

What to see

Ruins of the old Montlaux.
Windmills along the Lauzon river banks.
Jacons hamlet.

Leisure activities

Hiking. Fishing.


Bed and breakfast.
Locations vacances.


Cruis (2km), Saint Etienne les Orgues (7km) and Sigonce (9km).

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