Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 200 h. - Altitude : 500 m.

puce From Sisteron take the D4 and then the D404 for 4 km.
Sourribes, church

Sourribes is a quiet little village, lying in the plain on the banks of the river Vançon, where old ladies take the air, sitting in the street with their floral aprons... knitting a sweater for the cold season!

Sourribes, town hall-school

Surrounded by green hills and wheat fields, Sourribes has a lovely little church with a wall-belfry, a "mairie"-cum-school more than a century old (1902!), with its little square shaded by plane trees, old barns awaiting restoration and big unpretentious houses, with blue-lavender shutters, often with bucolic gardens.

Sourribes, house

Lulled by the song of the river, the cicadas... and the cockerel, with minimum road traffic since the road ends here, Sourribes is a haven of peace in Provence!


puce What to see:

Romanesque, feudal and medieval ruins at Beaudument.
The Vançon gorge.


puce Leisure activities:

Hiking. Fishing.
Bicycle touring.


puce Accommodation:

Hotel-Restaurant (in Salignac, 5km).


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Volonne (5 km), Salignac (6 km) and Sisteron (14km).