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Via the D900A from Digne for 24km.

Barles, canyon
A mineral water fountain that cures certain abscesses. Mines containing gold and silver, etc...
There is no shortage of legends in Barles, now located at the heart of the Haute Provence geological reserve.
Barles wash house
This little village has a rich past, as the feudal ruins on the hill can testify and also the 18th century church. The old houses of Barles spread all along the Bès river.
Barles is particularly worth visiting because of its famous “clues” (transverse valleys): large and small “bell”, giant ammonite slab (1,500 shells of ammonites that lived here 200 million years ago), and the Ichthyosaurus site, etc...
Barles, clues of Barles
Geologists from all over Europe are interested in these marvels of nature, that you will be able to admire by taking the D900A from Barles, in the Digne direction. There are several car parks for your convenience.
The amazing cliffs and canyons with grey, black and rose coloured rock, as if sculpted by some crazy artist or marked by plants, testify to the tropical climate that reigned here 300 million years ago. The "Clues de Barles" will leave a lasting impression on you !

What to see

The 18th century church. Chapels. Ruins dating from feudal times.
The "Clues de Barles" (upstream from the village), a listed site.
The Ichthyosaurus site museum at La Robine (1 hour on foot).
Slab with giant ammonites (1 km from Barles on the D900A).

Leisure activities

Events related to lavender production (Harvesting Day and Distillation Day).
Hiking to Allos lake, etc..




Auzet (6 km), Verdaches (7 km) et Seyne les Alpes (16 km).

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