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From Sisteron take the D4 along the banks of the Durance for 4 km, and then turn right onto the D217.

Entrepierres, the village
You have to deserve Entrepierres. It's not easy to find, the signposts are extremely discreet and the road is very narrow.
Maybe that's why you will find complete tranquillity at Entrepierres, a tiny village built from grey dressed stone, in perfect harmony.
Entrepierres, in the village
Nestling at the bottom of stratified rocky cliffs, the name of Entrepierres ("between stone") could not be more appropriate.
The Romanesque style stone bell tower is also as tiny as it is superb, and marvellously understated too.
Entrepierres, vaulted passageway
Although Entrepierres only consists of a dozen houses, they have all been restored in a professional manner, in good taste, there are flowers everywhere in the village, which is lovingly looked after: a covered passageway, dark wood panelling, succulents and lovely flower beds, gardens with beautiful lawns...
Apparently there are plenty of English-speaking people in the village, so why not join them?

What to see

Queen Jeanne's bridge.

Leisure activities

Hiking (up to the rocks of St Michel, 1246 m).


Holidat rentals.


Salignac (8 km), Sisteron (10 km) et St Géniez (16 km).

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Main villages of the area: