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La Rochette

From Entrevaux, take the D911 road for 25 km.

Population : 80 inhabitants

Discover the small village of La Rochette in the Alpes de Haute Provence

Village de La Rochette

The village of La Rochette is located on the border between the Alpes de Haute Provence and the Alpes Maritimes, perched around the ruins of its feudal château, as if embedded into the rock, hence its name.

It is surrounded by wooded hills such as the Pic de Salomon, and overlooks a plain. La Rochette remains above all a farming village: there are seven farmers there, mainly sheep breeders and small-scale vegetable producers (potatoes, etc.).

But - surprise - if you take the steps going down, you will take a trip back in time, first admiring the Roman tiled roofs flecked with moss, with their shades of rose and grey, then several covered passageways cut into the rock, many beautiful stonework houses, low doorways and old lintels (1810!), a campanile tower with its bronze bell.

The further down you go, the more beautiful are the houses, restored to perfection, with their shutters and balconies in dark wood, their small gardens shaded by Virginia creeper or fig trees, and all of them enjoying a breathtaking view - though somewhat awesome - of the peaceful green valley.

We'd love to buy one of these old, derelict barns, for the magnificent grey stone, for the fresh air and unspoilt nature and for its elevated position, overlooking the valley, and the sense of security it gives you!

What to see

Old fountain (1856). Chapel of Saint-Martin.
Chapel of Saint-Saturnin (built around 1022 by the monks of Lérins Abbey).
Notre Dame des Parans church (13th century).

Leisure activities

Hiking (trails to Saint Pierre or Colongues).


Self-catering cottages.
Holiday rentals.


Saint Pierre (3 km).

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