Departement of the Alpes de Haute Provence - Pop.: 350 inh. - Altitude: 1040 m.

puce Via the D951 from Sisteron then the D1 for 20 km.

Turriers - from the Latin "Turris", in reference to the Baumelles tower that overlooked the village and of which only the foundations remain - is a market town built on a promontory.

Turriers is surrounded by a cirque of partly eroded wooded hills. It has a panoramic view of Champsaur lake and the Écrins massif, and is fortunate because it is also sheltered from the wind, which explains the particularly clement micro-climate.

The village of Turriers is rather heterogeneous, built in a rather somewhat lopsided way, with its scattered houses, some of which have outstandingly beautiful stonework fronts, a street that slopes up to the church built in the last century, a square for the "mairie" with its murmuring fountain, vegetable gardens and log piles awaiting the first winter chills...

Turriers' greatest treasure is without a doubt a magnificent natural untouched setting. Seen from above, its cultivated fields form pretty green and yellow patterns, while the wooded hills and the mountains beckon to walkers and hikers, inviting you to discover remarkable plant life as well as several rare species of butterflies, the "Parnassian" and others such as "Papilio alexanor", etc.

If you take the road to Les Sagnes pass you will be able to admire the unspoilt landscape of mountains scoured with ravines, and then coming back down to the Sasse valley, a series of very tight hairpins, dubbed "The Rollers": you are on one of the mythical Monte-Carlo rally routes!

Finally, do not leave Turriers without tasting the local honey-flavoured pastries, and the wild boar pâtés and other juniper-flavoured pâtés at the local pork butcher's.


puce What to see:

Cross of Les Baumelles, the site of an ancient castle(at the top of the village).
Sagnes pass.


puce Leisure activities:

Numerous hiking trails. Tennis. Fishing. Skiing option.


puce Accommodation:

Bed and breakfast and "Table d'Hôtes".
Several gîtes de France. House to let.


puce Neighbouring towns and villages:

Bellaffaire (4 km), Gigors (5 km) and Bayons (8 km).