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On the D950 road linking Forcalquier and Banon.

Situated on the "route de la lavande", in the heart of the Forcalquier region known for its glorious countryside, Limans is a charming town filled with houses made of stone that have been painstakingly restored. You can happily stroll around this small village which has preserved its authenticity and Provencal character.

North of Limans, you can see the fortifications dating back to the middle ages, including the ramparts, tower and gateway. When wandering in the narrow streets, you will come across beautiful ancient houses, (the oldest date back to the 14th century) particularly those with very low doors (1m 60cm) and wooden lintels. The houses built after the 16th century possess doors with lintels sculptured in stone. You can also see a delightful 17th century fountain and notice how cleverly the available water is used.

Around the village, you can go on some superb walks by taking the paths rarely used by cars and you will discover numerous dovecotes scattered around the place (some date back to the 15th century). Another possible promenade in the surrounding countryside goes to the Ybourgues hamlet above Limans, not far from the "barrage de la Laye" which also deserves a detour.

What to see

14th century Eglise Saint-Georges.
Ancient dovecotes.
Ybourgues hamlet.

Leisure activities



Holiday house. Furnished apartments.
1 Campsite (naturist).


Forcalquier (7km), Ongles (4km), Saint Etienne les Orgues(7km) and Banon (14km).

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