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16 km north west of Apt via the N100, D4 and D604.

Lioux, cliff
Lioux is a tiny village surrounded by beautiful countryside and situated in the Luberon Regional Nature Park.
A huge line of rock over 700 metres long and more than 100m high towers above Lioux.
Lioux, cliff and lavender fields
This imposing and magnificent cliff (falaise de la Madeleine) of grey limestone is a completely separate formation from the red ochre cliffs of Roussillon or Rustrel, a few kilometres from Lioux.
While walking in the village and its surroundings you will come across two chateaux: le chateau Renaissance de Javon and the Chateau St Lambert. Both are privately owned and not open to the public.
Lioux, castle
Tourists will enjoy visiting the church which is covered in greenery.
Far from the main highways, Lioux is a calm and restful spot where nothing seems to disturb the peaceful atmosphere.

What to see

St Romain Roman church.
14th and 16th century ruins of the Chateau de Bezaure.

Leisure activities

Hiking and tourist trails.


Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals.

Lioux, Vaucluse.
Village de Lioux.
Fontaine à Lioux.


Murs (7 km), Roussillon (8 km) et St Saturnin les Apt (11 km).

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