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16 km north of Orange and 7 km south of Bollene.

Discover the small Vaucluse village of Mondragon

Situated between Bollène and Orange, the village of Mondragon lies along the hill of Grès, on the other side of the river that bears the same name as the village, next to the freeway. As you stroll through Mondragon, you'll discover that remnants of its medieval ramparts still stand inside the village.

Mondragon Castle

In the Rue du Moulin, you'll see a crenellated gateway emblazoned with the town's coat of arms, evoking the rugged, warlike appearance of its medieval fortress. Severely damaged by the Wars of Religion, the Château de Mondragon is still inhabited today. Its strategic position enabled it to control the Rhône and the valley road.

Hotel de Suze

In the middle of the village, on rue Jean Jaurès, you'll come across the Romanesque-style Pénitents chapel, topped by a bell tower. A few steps away, you'll see the Hôtel de Suze (14th century) with its elegant Renaissance facade, which belonged to the Comte de Suze, Lord of Mondragon.

The legend of the Rhône Dragon

On the other side of the village, in front of the town hall, an imposing colorful dragon sits enthroned in the courtyard. This carnivalesque-looking animal evokes the legend of the dragon, who is said to have haunted the banks of the Rhône and inhabited the cliffs above the village. You'll find statuettes of the dragon in village shops. The elders of Mondragon will be delighted to tell you all about the terrible episodes in the life of this dragon in Mondragon.

Tourism: the medieval Fête du Drac

If you're in the area on May 10 and 11, don't miss the Fête du Drac in Mondragon. Tourists come in droves to attend this dragon festival, which takes place in a very pleasant medieval and festive atmosphere. It takes place in Mondragon town center.

The Donzère-Mondragon dam

You can also visit the impressive Donzère-Mondragon dam and hydroelectric power station. Organized tours tell you all about the history of this place and how a hydroelectric dam works, making for a very instructive and interesting change of scenery. An original tourist idea!

Our interactive map of Mondragon (postal code 84430)

To find your way around Mondragon, you can use our interactive map on this page. We've included all the village's points of interest, as well as our recommendations for accommodation inside and outside the village. So you can locate them before you book your vacation in the area.

What to see

The Hotel in Suze (14th century).
Remains of the Chateau des Dragonet (12th century).
The parish church.
Chapel of ND des Plans and Chapel of Derboux.

Leisure activities

Walking. Mountain-biking.
Tennis. Fishing. Horse-riding.


Beautiful campsite located in Mondragon. Water activities include an outdoor swimming pool with slides. The campsite, entirely designed to ensure a pleasant stay, boasts a number of useful services and facilities. You don't have to travel far to find something to eat, thanks to a grocery/supermarket as well as catering services (a restaurant and a snack bar) located on site.


Bed and breakfast.
Vacation rentals.



You've sent us many questions about Mondragon. Here are our answers to your most frequently asked questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, and we'll do our best to answer them.

How many people live in Mondragon?

According to the latest population census, there are around 3,900 people living in Mondragon, known as "Mondragonnais" and "Mondragonnaise". The booming local economy and the appeal of the Vaucluse region mean that the population is growing year on year.

Can you recommend a good restaurant in Mondragon?

If you're looking for a good restaurant in Mondragon, we'd recommend "La Beaugravière", an exceptional restaurant serving fine Provencal and gourmet cuisine. You'll have a wonderful time.

Where to stay in Mondragon?

Above you'll find our recommendations for accommodation in Mondragon. You can also use the interactive map on this page to locate the various accommodations we recommend in the town and surrounding villages.

Where is Mondragon?

The village of Mondragon is located in the Vaucluse department, in the Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur region. The nearest villages are Mornas, Lamotte du Rhône and Lapalud. It's a pretty little corner of the Vaucluse.

Weather: how hot is Mondragon in summer?

Mondragon is obviously hot in summer, as is the rest of Provence. Typical temperatures are around 30°C, but they can often reach 40°C during heatwaves. Accommodation with a swimming pool is recommended for these temperatures.

Mondragon dans le Vaucluse.
Village de Mondragon.
Ruelle à Mondragon.


Mornas (5 km), , Lamotte du Rhône (5 km) and Lapalud (8 km).

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