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Pernes les Fontaines

Departement of Vaucluse - Pop.: 11,000 h.

Between Isle sur la Sorgue (11km) and Carpentras (6km) on the D938.

Pernes les Fontaines - Tours

Located between Carpentras and Isle sur la Sorgue, Pernes les Fontaines as its name suggests is the fountain town... More than 40 ancient fountains can be found in the village, which took its characteristic title in 1936.

Pernes les Fontaines - Fountain

Mossy, sculptured, massive, or more discrete the fountains were installed from the second half of the XVIIIth century. Hence a large selection of styles can be found which will please connoisseurs of this genre. The most famous are the so called "Gigot" next to the Ferrande tower and the Cormoran next to the covered market.

The trail which takes you past the 40 little wonders is an excellent excuse to discover the heritage and other charms of the village of Pernes les Fontaines always accompanied by the gentle murmur of water in the background.

Pernes les Fontaines - Clock tower
You'll pass by some beautiful Town Houses from the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries, Notre Dame gateway, remains of the ramparts, the dungeon of the ancient "chateau des Comtes de Toulouse" (ruins), the XVIIth. covered market. Take a while to visit the Ferrande Tower from the XIIIth. There are some wonderful frescoes from the same period and a pretty museum of Comtadin costumes with lace, dresses and other ancient linen and fabrics.

What to see:

The 40 fountain trail.
XVth fortified gateway.
Ferrande Tower and medieval frescoes, XIIIrd century
XIth N.D de Nazareth Church. XVIIth covered markets.
XIth Clock Tower.
Museum of Comtadin costumes

Leisure activities:

Hiking and Cycling.
Swimming Pool. Tennis. Fishing.
Horse Riding. Seasonal Events.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring villages:

La Roque sur Pernes (5km), Saint Didier (5km), Venasque (9km), Le Beaucet (9km).

Pernes les Fontaines - Tower Pernes les Fontaines - Castle Pernes les Fontaines - Rue

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Pernes les Fontaines
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Pernes les Fontaines

Pernes les Fontaines - Fountain

Pernes les Fontaines - Fountain
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