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Beaumes de Venise

Departement of Vaucluse - Pop.: 2.000 h.

Situated 9 km north of Carpentras on the "wine trail" (la route des vins), the D7, then the D90, at the foot of the southern slope of the Dentelles de Montmirail
Beaumes de Venise - City hall

As you approach along the Aubignan, the layout of the houses at Beaumes de Venise give the impression that it is built into a hill. The village situated at the foot of the Courens plateau, owes its name to the numerous caves (or baumes) on the hill. The village nestles at the foot of the famous Dentelles de Montmirail, offering it a natural rampart against the Mistral wind.

Beaumes de Venise - Church

In front of Cours Jean Jaures is the large 16th century parish church, which was transformed in the 19th century. Right next to it is an archway leading to Rue de la République. On the Place du 8 Mai opposite the church you will no doubt appreciate the beautiful 18th century fountain with its mascarons.

After strolling through a few pretty, flower-lined streets and alleyways, you will climb up a short stairway and discover the fine old houses with some beautifully restored doors. You can then continue on up as far as the ruins of the 12th century feudal château at the highest point in the village.

Beaumes de Venise - Ruins of a castleThe visit does not stop here, for on the other side of the village, on the road to Vacqueyras is the Notre Dame d'Aubune chapel, whose bell tower is a beautiful example of 9th century Romanesque art, and its priory listed as a historical monument. Take the time to enjoy a walk on the path over the hill behind the chapel, it is really superb. You can also visit the prehistoric caves (or baumes) of Ambrosi and Rocalinaud, which gave the village its name.. Built into the hill, long ago they were used as shelter by numerous families. But don't worry, these days Beaumes has all that is required for receiving modern day visitors.

Beaumes de Venise - Street

Gourmets and those with discerning taste buds will not spend too much time up in the caves and the chapels on the hill, knowing that below in the village, on Avenue Raspail, wine cellars offering tasting and sale of the famous Beaumes de Venise Muscat wine are waiting for them.

This wine is renowned far beyond the borders of the Comtat Venaissin. There are several vintages and several subtle savours available...

Beaumes de Venise - Cotes du Rhone vineyards

The "Tradition" vintage will go very well with melon in summer, the "Bois Dore" is clearly a more distinguished wine, the perfectl accompaniment for pan-fried foie gras. Why not try both and decide for yourself ! However the fame of muscat must not completely distract you from Beaumes de Venise's excellent Cotes du Rhone Village red wine !

Beaumes de Venise - Calade

A little further on, at the entrance to the village on the road to Lafare, is the Balmeenne olive oil mill open to the public. It has its own shop, scented with the fragrances of Provence offering a whole range of products from the region; soap, biscuits made with herbs and spices and of course, not forgetting the number one: olive oil.

What to see:

Notre Dame d'Aubune chapel (9th and 10th century).
The Ambrosi and Rocalinaud prehistoric caves, the remains of the feudal chateau
the old quarter in the village, the ramparts and fountains.
The olive oil mill, The muscat wine cellar.

Leisure activities:

Tennis, swimming pool in summer, mini golf, fishing.
The botanical trail. Walking and mountain biking.


Bed and breakfast.
Holiday rentals.

Neighbouring villages:

Aubignan (3 km), Vacqueyras (5km), Suzette (7,5 km), Gigondas (8km).

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Beaumes de Venise

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Beaumes de Venise - Mansion
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